About Me

 About E. Kaiser
  As an author and bibliophile, I'll talk books, writing, and favorite authors anyplace, anytime.
 I also love dogs, Spring, Summer, Autumn, (not so crazy about Winter, but it has its beauties, too!) I hold doors for people, chat with clerks and am (generally,) nice to children.

  I have authored a YA original fairy-tale/fantasy Jeweler's Apprentice; (available on Amazon.) Lord willing, there will be more to come.
 I enjoy many genres; my special favorites being a well written fantasy, fairy-tale, suspense, mystery, historical,  or even sci-fi, I also have a particular taste in poetry, with many favorites I've had since childhood.

  I love the fact that the Lord has made me a home among the Golden Plains of Nebraska, where I enjoy the clean air, blue skies, friendly folks and mild winters of Nebraska's Hot Spot!

  In addition to being an author, I am an animal trainer; fence fixer; shepherdess to dairy goats; dreamer; and designer and creator of beautiful things. (At least I try!) I also garden moderately; dairy maid excellently; sew tolerably; cook decently; water-bath can under duress; clean when necessary; listen quietly; and lend a hand to my fellow creatures where I am able.

  I love Gems; Good dogs; Pretty Alpine dairy goats; Nice cats; Friendly horses; and Amiable people. Also, beautifully crafted objects from jewelry, to carving, to architecture; Great meaning in little things; Intricate frost patterns on glass; The way ripe wheat is more golden than gold, And a summer sky is bluer than blue.

  I am not a fan of:  High winds; Extreme cold; Heat higher than 100F; Anything catastrophic; Predators in the chicken house; or Mice in the walls.