Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's up! It's LIVE...

The new E-book version of my YA fantasy novel, Jeweler's Apprentice, is now available on Amazon! It's for sale at $4.99, and you can easily see the map and read the first two chapters with 'look inside the book'.
 Check it out!
 Spread the word!
 I'll also be running a give-away for the next month:
so leave a comment here;
Subscribe to this blog; (Don't be scared; I won't fill your in-box with junk!)
'Like' my author page on Facebook, E Kaiser writes;
mention the release of Jeweler's Apprentice on your FB page;
Tweet about it;
or follow @EKaiserWrites on Twitter;
for a chance each to win a Free copy!
(I'll use a random number generator, so the more options you choose to employ, the greater your chances of being randomly selected!)
Leave a seperate comment here for each or any action you take, and you're automatically entered! If we get a lot of entries, we may give away two copies, so don't be shy.
 Check back in the third week of Jan. for the winner announcement.

 The more the merrier, so let your friends know! Who couldn't use a free book?
 (Don't have an e-reader? No Problem! There are free apps for that! ;-) Enter anyway!)

 Help me get the word out about this series! (Next books will be forthcoming.)
 Thanks so much, and Lord bless!


Jenna said...

I have liked your author page on facebook

Jenna said...

I also wrote a post about your book :)

Jenna said...

And finally I subscribed to this blog :D

Elizabeth K. said...

Great job, Jenna! Congratulations on being the first to comment!
I'll be looking forward to the third week of January!
Again, thanks so much! I appreciate it!

Andrew Engell said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! I don't have Twitter or Facebook. But maybe my wife will like your page as she has it.

Anonymous said...

I also have "liked" your page on facebook, and I posted your blog on my facebook page and on HSAers on facebook page!! :) Miss Laura

Michelle Marie said...

This is very, very cool. Many blessings! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun! I liked your FB page. :) Janna the Second Rose

Anonymous said...

And I also posted about it on my FB page. - Janna the SecondRose

Anonymous said...

And of course, I've commented. :) - Janna the SecondRose

Elizabeth K. said...

Andrew; Yes, I hope she will! I'll be watching for it!
Michelle Marie; Thanks so much!
Miss Laura; Thanks for leaving the comment here so I can keep track of everything easily!
Janna; Good work, Janna! Thanks!

This is so much fun! Hope you all have a great evening.
Thanks everybody!

PrincessR said...

Hello Elizabeth!

I am following your blog now- glad you decided to join the "bloggers world"! I tend to keep up with others easier that way. :)

Rebecca (HSA)

Beth C. said...

I followed the blog and liked your author page. I'll make a post on fb probably tomorrow...

Beth C. said...

I missed the part of leaving a separate entry for each thing I do. I just mentioned the release on facebook

Elizabeth K. said...

No problem, Beth!
That way it is easier to calculate, but I can also add up multiple entries in one comment. We'll get it taken care of either way. Thanks for participating!
Have a great day!

Sarah H said...

This is on my "To buy and read" list. (I found you through HSA)

Atlanta said...

Posted about it on my blog! Sorry to be so late! :)

Chris said...

Good luck with your book. It looks like a great one, and I'd love to win.

Chris said...

I entered your contest a second time by subscribing to your blog. :)

Chris said...

I entered your contest a third time by 'LIKE'-ing you on Facebook. :-))

Chris said...

AND I entered your contest a fourth and final time by sharing your book link at Amazon on my Facebook wall. I don't twitter, or I would have done those, too. (Can you tell I'd really, really like to win your book? *Grins* Thanks for the chance to win.

Krafty Girl said...

I like you on Facebook. I linked you through A Story of a Seamstress. I will follow you now also.

I am an Elizabeth also.