Friday, March 2, 2012

Pipes or Cistern? That is the question.

 I was recently asked,  "Are you going through one of those "I want to write and can't" phases?"

 My answer was: No, I guess I'm not in that phase... (though I do have, and thoroughly dislike, that phase!) I'm in a "I don't want to write!" and thankfully, I don't have to! So that is making me immensely grateful!
 (I just finished up a very intense 2-3 months of writing, re-writing, etc. and being very stressed, and tired: and now I am sick, (with a head cold, which I'm reaching the end of!) Sooo... I have given myself a break.)
   Which feels Superb! I can sit down and watch a movie with the family in the evenings instead of squirreling myself away dueling with an LCD screen.
 I was attacked last night by a scene for one of my "dust covered shelf" books, so I whipped right over and typed up the approx. 500 words before I went to bed. So I am very much still open to attacks. I like attacks. As a matter of fact, I use them as a gauge to tell when my creativity has recovered from its sad state of exhaustion. When I'm being frequently attacked, then I know that I can "squeeze" my creative muscle; sit down and force my fingers to type, type, type, and the result will still be quite good.
 If my creative muscle is over-taxed, and takes to it's bed... then, if I try that trick, all it will throw out is junk. I mean real junk, un-salvageable junk.
 I hate writing junk.
 And I don't seem to be one of those writers that writing junk helps them write good stuff. As if just keeping the mud and slush pumping through the pipes helps real water pour out eventually. It doesn't work that way for me. I do half envy those writers... the act of creation must be so much more predictable.

  I'm more like a cistern; once you use the water up, you'd best wait for more to come in again.
   And it will!

 How about you? Which method do you espouse? ;-)

 Have a great day!


Chris said...

I'm definitely a cistern writer. When my tank is empty the only thing that comes out of my pen is echoes.

And thank you for your description of how the writing attacks. I've been calling it side swiped, but attacked is much more accurate.

Elizabeth K. said...

Hello Cris!
I know! It's like plot-bunnies are actually vicious little critters that have great big teeth. Sometimes they hide in the undergrowth and you can't find them even if you beat the bushes with a stick.
Other times they leap out and sink their teeth into you, and they Won't let Go! *Cue screaming.* ;-)
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. I love talking writing-stuff with everybody!

Joseph said...

E - I like this site and the way you engage the audience. My name is Joe, and I'm a newbie author/blogger. These sites are helpful, so thanks!

I would call myself a mud pumper. I write until something drinkable comes out. Somedays, I do a lot of pumping.