Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Q&A: What else are you working on?

 Q: Do you have any other books you're working on?

  A: And the answer is, Yes!
 I'm working on the sequel to Jeweler's Apprentice.

 In it the action heats up, and even more things are brought together. I think that readers of Jeweler's Apprentice will enjoy delving straight back into Fia's story, and getting to spend more time with the characters from Book 1. The plot line becomes deeper, and the whole feel of the book, while staying true to the first, just ups the tension a little. So I'm hoping fans of JA will be really pleased with the sequel.

  As I am a "messy writer" I have many books in the process of creativity. (I try to save most things I write, and then when I come back around, (even if it's years later) I can build a little more on it.)

  As for works in the "Serious Construction phase" there's JA's sequel; when spring and spies makes everything more dangerous,

   & The One with the "straw haired" heroine; where a smart, secluded girl must leap into a troublesome journey through varied dangers and adventures; with a boy who never knew she existed, and a guide she never thought could be real. (It's been super fun so far!)

...And runners up:

    ...a contemporary mystery doing with San Antonio what Charade did with Paris; murder, long lost artifact, and who in the world can you actually TRUST these days?!

    ...a historical romance, (and I once said I wouldn't write romance! *Due partially all those ones with racy covers, I confess.* Also the fact that a good romance leaves my "hero-less" heart feeling dispirited...) (But! It's not really THAT sort of romance. The girl is like someone you care about, but wouldn't want to be. I hope.)
  Anyway, it's set in first century Judea; Jerusalem under Roman rule, the twisted power of the Pharisee/Sadducee sects, and a people who have nearly all lost hope.
  Except her mother. (Mother's can be maddeningly optimistic sometimes.)
  She makes bad choices, (like really bad choices) and it seems to be working for her, but when it all folds up, she finds she falls about as far as possible.
  A Stranger on the road can lift her from the pit; but she's the one that will have to beat her way back on the path from where she came.
  It's sort of turmoil-ish, so I'm not sure if the inspirational "market" would like it. I'm still thinking on it's target, but the thing wouldn't leave me alone so I had to write it.

...and there's a sci/fi thriller that's edging around in the back of my brain and comes out every so often to demand I add a scene. Super-hero-in-strange-places, intergalactically finding a real life, redemption and, beyond all hope - true love.
 It's a blast to write, but again, not sure of a target audience.

 What do you like the sounds of? Any votes on what should get the most attention?

 Have a great day!


Kelsey Bryant said...

Oh my! How fun! You are just brimming with stories! You've got one in every genre. All of them sound amazing -- I hope you get to write every one.
Since you asked, I'll admit that my eyes sparkled the most when I read about the mystery in San Antonio (mysteries are awesome, and I think San Antonio is the most fascinating city in Texas -- maybe in the whole U.S. Have you been there?) and when I read about the Judean romance (biblical periods are one of my favorite historical periods). Hmm ... it seems like the more turmoil in a book, the more publishers and readers will go for it, so maybe you'll have a wider audience than you think. At least, don't let that stop you!
But really, write whatever you feel lead to! The one about the straw-haired heroine is tantalizing, and since it's in the "Serious Construction phase," that makes it a good candidate. The sci/fi thriller has got to be exciting, too! It's so fun when you've got choices like this, isn't it?
I love the JA sequel's tagline: "When spring and spies make everything more dangerous."
The pictures you picked for this post are delightful!

Hannah Scheele said...

I like them all. It's amazing how many ideas you get at one time! :D I particularly like the sound of the Jerusalem romance and the San Antonio suspense ones-- I have to agree with Kelsey about San Antonio. As a Texan I just love it. :D
My little sister that I told you about says she likes the sci-fi one best. :D

Elizabeth K. said...

Aww! Thanks for the comments, girls!
Kelsey: no, I have not been to San Antonio, but in my researching have been bitten with the strong desire to visit! For at least a week, right? ;-) Now all I have to do is find out how, when, and who I can stay with while I brainstorm and write feverishly. (This is such a enthralling image that I hope desperately it might come true! :-) What over-the-top fun that would be!!)
And the Judean one piques your interest too. Well, I'm encouraged by your remarks, so who knows what the market might turn out for it! Like you said, I do plan to keep at it when inspiration strikes.
And the Straw Haired heroine is definitely in the works. It's so rewarding to write, 'cause I can just let off authorial steam on it and it thrives. (72k, and it's not even half done! Yow! Where will this monster end?!)
And yes, the sci-fi is very fun, and slightly more tame in it's growth.
Glad you liked the sequel's tagline!
I really enjoyed picking those pictures... so many fun shots!

Elizabeth K. said...

Thanks Hannah! Your money's on the Jerusalem and San Antonio ones too, eh? ;-) Well, I guess that shows a definite trend! This encourages me to spend time on both of these... once I get a little breathing room from the sequel! ;-) I really have enjoyed writing both of those tales, and like I said in reply to Kelsey, I totally need to spend some time in San Antonio now. (Just gotta. ;-) ) I wanna see the Mission San Jose!! :-(
KNow anybody who lives in San Antonio? ;-)
And thank your little sister for me for her vote towards the sci-fi one! I'm glad she thought it was interesting enough to catch her attention! I've had a couple people bemoan the state of Sci-fi in general these days, so I'm definitely wanting to get it finished up sometime. (But it may be a long process. Fair warning! ;-) )
And yes, I definitely suffer from Idea Overload at times. It's a malady that has it's uses when writing, though, you know. :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah Scheele said...

The sci-fi story sounds interesting--in part because the picture you put in the post is sooo beautiful--but I'd have to see you make the "love beyond all hope" thing really work. I'm skeptical of that particular plotline. But superheroes having adventures in strange places . . . now that I like. :D

Hannah Scheele said...

We used to go see the Zoo in San Antonio-- so I guess you might say I have some friends there, of the animal variety! :D

Kelsey Bryant said...

Girl, you have got to visit San Antonio! I would love to visit it again. This June I went there and saw Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion for the first time! The whole Mission Trail would be a great setting for a story. (There are five old missions; the Alamo is the farthest north, and the others go south in a line for maybe 9 miles, or something like that.) They are so old, so beautiful, so evocative and mysterious. My favorite was Mission Concepcion, actually, but San Jose was extraordinary because it still has its outer wall and all the little rooms where the Indians lived.