Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clean Authors 99cent Sale!

  I've been included in the Clean Author's 99 cent Sale with Jeweler's Apprentice at the price point for a limited time only! 
  Both my books are up on their site, and will be even after the sale. It's a place for people to go to find clean reads, meaning no swearing, sex or R-rated violence.

Clean Authors Book Sale!

If you like clean reads and are looking for a good source, check out the lists on there!
  A lot of the e-books are 99cents or FREE for a limited time only!

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Hannah Scheele said...

Never heard of this site before, but it looks neat. :D I'll be glad to avoid R-rated gore---that gets so tiresome. People nowadays have an obsession with nasty material. It's oddly shallow, as if they don't think of these sad scenes as real, just as entertainment. :( :D