Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How I did on NaNoWriMo

Okay! November is OVERRRRRR!

 Yes, that is about how happy I am to be able to say that.  It is not like I didn't appreciate it while it was here, but 50k words later, I am very, Very VERY ready to say goodbye to the month and move on to a little different headspace for a while. My creativity is strained and sprained and feeling mighty sore, but the words I got out were mostly good, high quality ones... even if I had to slip into Science Fiction scenarios there at the end.
 (Hey! Some day I'll have a crack-shot group of sci-fi story lines... )

 So, at first I did great. I was like:
Kristen Coco oil paintings
   Oh, yes. I can do this!

  Then on the 5th my sister had a cattle working accident that bashed her teeth in, and we spent all day in town at the oral surgeon's for emergency dental care. I was pretty worried about the situation; stressed and keyed up... and didn't write that day, or the next.
  I barely made any progress the third day, and (I think,) the next two either.

Tiny turtle on keyboard.
  My mojo was just gone. I had nothing to say.
Cartoon stock.

 So shortly I was like:

Sad dog.

 And pretty soon I was like:

Reminder beagle.

 Then I recovered my creativity and started to write. I was determined to make up the lapse, and even pull ahead. 
  At this point I was like this:

Armored Beagle
 I wrote hard, pulling those emotions out of the clouds, making things tough.
 I made it to my goal post, but had a hard time keeping up later.

           I flagged, I felt exhausted.

Dramatic Animals
I struggled to find compelling scenes to drag me back into the world of my tale.

 Then on 13th, it happened. I surged forward! The story was a wild thing, and I was riding it, hanging on for dear life! We sailed forward toward the horizon!
Photoshop Disasters
I over shot the line! I got down great scenes, sweeping complications of people trying to do their own thing in a world that draws harsh lines. Hard things. Sad things.
  I fell behind once, but it didn't bother me. The tale was coming, in bursts and snippets. The words bubbled up and sank away again, ebbing and tiding like an ocean of meaning that would fill my cupped hands, and now flee away.
 Then it simmered down to a faint  hum, and wouldn't sing to me any more.
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

 I researched ancient Rome.

And the legions.

I found shiny pictures.

 But not much inspiration.
via Pinterest
 This was starting to get serious. My lack of fire in the direction of my story was worrying me. Had I overworked the plot? Were there not enough holes for my imagination to play with? Were there too many?

  I cut off into a new direction... pitting hero against a dragon, on a burnt and blasted wasteland.
That was a lot of fun to write, and so I allowed my imagination out to play. I switched between "real stuff" and "playing stuff", and kept on track with the word count goals.

Then it was the thirtieth. And I needed 2000 words by midnight to officially make it.

 I didn't feel good. My brain felt fogged. I was sick.
White Tiger
But there it was: the fact!

Feature Pics
  So I tackled what may be the toughest scene in the book. The one where the hero finally understands he has to make the right choice, even if it takes everything from him.

  I typed madly at the keyboard on that afternoon, determined to make it those last couple of thousand.
   I was kind of like this:

Typing madly

 But he fought me. Why would he give everything up? He's had it good, he's done it his way. What would make him change his whole mindset, his whole life? When he has nothing to gain, and everything to loose? Hasn't he already lost enough? Shouldn't he hold tight to the things he has left to him?
On the road to Damascus

 So I had him turn aside to a small spring, and there he met a young man. They talked. He pondered. Time slipped away....

 I crossed the 50k line.
Think Stock

 My MC still hadn't decided to commit. All the way in. 

Kingfisher Dive
   But... I was done.
   I didn't feel done though.
        I felt... behind. Like I should have written 60k, or finished 5 days early, or... something.

 Or found a way to resolve this pivotal scene.

But I couldn't find a way. I thought I was getting close, read it to my sister, and she said "That's not a believable change."
     So I quit writing and watched a movie with Dad and was like this:
Watching TV

 The next day was December first. 

  I walked around kind of jittery, trying to remind myself that there was no required word count today. That I was free. But I didn't really believe it. Not totally. It hadn't sunk in.
 So I was kind of like this:

 Then it was the 2nd.

     It was real.

   I checked my NaNo profile.


 I had written 50k.

  And then I was like:

 And this:
Triumphant joy.
 Sure there was a lot left to write. And my hero's turning point would come. Later...
 But right now: there was a whole lot less left to be written.
 So that was my November.

 How was yours?


Chris said...

Holy cow! I was on the edge of my seat! And that was just the write up; can't wait to read the final book! You need to post a link to this to the nano forums. Good stuff! Congrats!

Hannah Scheele said...

I LOVED this narrative! The illustrations had me tense and worried..this is the kind of great poster people share on FB!
The emotional ups and downs of writing are terrible! How can you authors stand it? :) :(
So the hero wasn't cooperative, was he? Is he always this stubborn, or was he just being difficult for you when you needed him to be especially well behaved? :)
No wonder you're relieved November's over. :)
BTW, hope Abi's doing better? Tell her I'm worried about her, it sounded so painful.

Sarah Scheele said...

lol, I especially love the pic of the turtle on the keyboard, although they were all funny. That turtle--he just--I feel I know him. I think he has a twitter account and writes thrillers.

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!
It's been a long haul, but I'm all free now! ;-)
Yes, Hannah, it is terrible enduring the emotional ups and downs... I heartily recommend to anyone who can NOT be a writer to absolutely do so! Crafting is so much less stressful, and simple pleasures are the best!
Yes, he was not talking to me at all. Very frustrating. And it's the first time he'd done this!!

P.S. Yes, Abi is doing well now. :-)

Sarah, you could be right! That is definitely a wise little turtle, this much we can all agree on. And cute! Thanks, glad you liked the pics. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Elizabeth
My November was about the same, only in a different way.
We have met, well, sort of. A while ago. I just drop in when you come to mind, to see how you are doing.
regards BB

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks for stopping by, BB! Glad you liked the pics...
Now I wonder if every month is like that, filled with highs and lows, but I just don't pause to recall them? Not measured, they slip into the oblivion of the past, and become a silent nothing in the mirror?
Boy, now I'm feeling guilty for feeling down and like I'm standing still sometimes! ;-)It was all just a dip in the story structure? :-)