Friday, May 30, 2014

20k in May: YES!

 I made my 20k in May goal! Finished it up after lunch... and then put in a few more k's just because the scene was rolling!
 Ooooh.... shiny conflict! ;-)

~  He stood, flipping his coat tails into place. "No, my love. The answer to that is no. It won't work... somewhere along the way she'll do something so spectacular that no one can hush it up, and then we'll have a fine mess on our hands." He stalked to the door and turned, his hand on the knob. "Not just for us, dear. But for all of Noran, as well."
He pulled open the door.
 "And now," he breathed deep. "I will go chop some ice." He sent a glare at his wife, and shut the door decidedly behind him.  ~  from Thaw: Winter Queen

  And coming up we will have some Q&As, some interviews, and quite a few more posts next month than there was in this.
  So, what are you looking forward to in June?


Caroline keeth said...

Yay! I'm happy you finished! ^_^ Is this for the third book?(or are there only two...?)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Yes, Caroline, I'm super happy too!!!
Actually, no this is still book one, in the Winter Queen trilogy. Yes, everybody seems to think I ought rightfully to be on book three by now, or at least book two!
Not sure if I should go feel bad about my slow writing now or not... ;-)

Kelsey Bryant said...

Wow! Your word totals amaze me. Great job!
"I put in a few more k's just because the scene was rolling!" : )
All in one day, too ... I've probably had ten days in my entire writing "career" when I've topped 1K in a day.
I'm really excited about this series! Is it anything like Frozen?

E. Kaiser Writes said...

hey Kelsey! It's great to see you around again! Hope your writing has been going well.
Yes, it's a Snow Queen retelling that I hope will make fans of Frozen happy as well as fans of the original. It's been a lot of fun to write so far, but I'm anxious to be done and send it off for folks to read and give my feedback on! :-)

Hannah Scheele said...

I love this snippet! Makes me want to read more...I have a feeling who " she" is...:)
What I am looking forward to this month is more blogging from you. Seriously, you didn't blog that much recently, and I'd love to see more posts! :)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Haha! Hannah, you crack me up! Okay, as per your wish, I shall have June be the month of more blogging. Happy? ;-)
Actually, it seems like I've got quite a bit to post about in June, so i think I will be able to do that!
Is once a week or twice a week more what you're thinking when you say "More Blogging"? 'Cause I don't want to post more than you all can comment, 'cause that'd be seriously no fun.
I should probably hand letter a sign and put it on the header "Will blog for comments." ;-)
But in all seriousness, if I put a post up and no one comments I don't feel like making another one any time soon! :-)
So anyone with an opinion should vote on this! 'Cause it will actually affect what I do, posting wise. Really and truly. :-)

And yes, you do know who "she" is... ;-)
Have a great day!