Thursday, May 14, 2015

Goal Counters... Ticker Factory


 I posted previously about finding places to keep track of word goals with fun little sliding scale type gizmos, because they're so much more fun to watch whenever you get actual progress.

 I wasn't able to fully incorporate the ones that I did find, and also for some reason I wasn't able to handily update them.

 Now I'm trying the cute stuff they have over at Ticker Factory, and we'll see how this goes. I actually really like the one I was able to concoct in honor of my current 20k in May goal, so I'm hopeful that this might be the ticket for this kind of visual score keeping!


 What do you think?
   Have you ever used Ticker Factory?
      And can you viably imagine my writing progress as a swift racehorse galloping toward a finish line???

1 comment:

kbailey said...

PERFECT for you! I like it!