Saturday, June 4, 2016

Space Kitties 2: cover reveal

Hello Kits and Cats! We've got a Space Kitties book to launch!!!

 Starting today, we've got a Facebook party going on just after noon Central, and that kicks off to a blog tour that will last all week!

 There will be a chance to win a PDF copy of Space Kitties 2: Searching the Cosmos at both the party and the tour, so be sure to drop by each of the participating bloggers posts and get in on the chances to win!

And here, the moment you've all been waiting for... (well, some of you, probably) The COVER REVEAL!

 This traveling Tuxedo kitty stares out into the nebulae as he contemplates the vastness of the Creator's galaxies!

 And to make your travels through the inter-webs easier, here's a handy-dandy list of all the blog-spots to make sure you hit!!!!
  Take care, and have fun!!

June 4 - FB party
~ tour kickoff and cover reveal at E. Kaiser Writes A Blog
~ interview with E Kaiser at The Splendor Falls
June 5 - Interview with Jamie Mortensen at Lesa McKee
June 6 - Interview with Lesa McKee at Bookworm Reading
~ FB giveaway winner announced
June 7 - Interview with Rachel Harris at Bookish Orchestrations
June 8 - Interview with Faith Blum at Rachel Rossano's Words
June 9 - Interview with H.L. Burke at Jessica Greyson
June 10 - Interview with Aletha Bakke at H.L. Burke, Author
June 11 - blog giveaway winner announced and tour wrap-up at E. Kaiser Writes A Blog


LeAnne said...

I love the cover!

E. Kaiser Writes said...

t5hanks LeAnne!!! We spent quite some time fussing with it, so I'm glad it looks great!!! :-)