Monday, January 9, 2017

2017... Oh, My!

Hey Guys!  It feels like I've just barely managed to stagger out of 2016, with my tattered writing goals
held under one arm, intact but still confuszled. ;-)

  That is to say, I feel like the dazed survivor of some disaster zone, I'm still not sure my brain is remembering what I want it to... but we're on the other side of the Momentous Move now, so things should get easier in 2017!

   ...And that I did meet all my writing goals in spite of, and during, the Momentous Move, though I have yet to sit down and sort through and discover what that actually means in terms of releases going forward. I need a long, long meeting with my Abi-sis, partner-in-schemes, and... And I'll also need a clearer head than the one I've been functioning with these past six months!!! ;-)

  Again, the MM really took it out of me.

    That being said, we are moving forward (possibly I should say "creeping forward") with the Space Kitties 2 print release... I have completed formats and a proof is even now under the same roof, and so far no one has been able to find anything that needs changing. So it's practically ready to go to the official presses...
   Though it'd be sort of nice to have a semi-festive thing to give the announcement a little boost, and I'm so brain-exhausted I can't even seem to get anywhere with basic decision-making where a FB party is concerned. Or a Blog tour, or... any decisions seem to be beyond me at the moment.

  We have got some great volunteers, but if there are more out there wondering if there's room for them to join the Space Kitties Team... wonder no more!! There's so totally room, just give me a ping. :-)

   All right, I can't think of anything else that needs said! Like I mentioned, I have been hard at work on various projects, so those people waiting for sequels; hang in there! Those books are coming!!!

 Aaaaand... with that, I shall bid thee all adieu once more, and take myself off to bed before my eyes start burning any worse!!! Better get these little peepers shut.
      Take care!


Elinor Ferrars said...

It's seriously impressive that you managed to reach your writing goals, let alone write at all, during the MM! Great work!
The pictures are lovely. The building is coming along, and of course the horse and the dog are so beautiful.
I look forward to what your year looks like, especially in publishing!

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Aww... thanks, Elinor!!! :-) I shall have to share more about the building, but perhaps in another format, since this is a writing blog! ;-) Or an author blog... whatever the differences between those two may be. ;- )

And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing how that clears itself to be, as well!!! :-)

As always, thanks for all your encouragement!!!