Monday, January 16, 2012

And the Winner Is...!

 Today is the 16th, so that means that today's the day that we all get to find out who are the lucky winners of the Jeweler's Apprentice Novel Give Away!

 Drum roll please...

First we have an announcement.

 Due to all the loverly people who took the time to stop by and enter, (sometimes mutlitple-ly!) we have a grand total of 32 entries!
    *Whoops of joy can be heard off stage.*
 Thanks so much for helping make our first give-away here a great success!
Applause all around for everyone who entered!
*Thunderous Applause.*

 And, because we topped the thirtieth entry mark, we now have Two Winners!   *More Applause.*

 And now... we get to see who those Two Winners are!            *More Applause.*

 Drum roll, please.... 

  *Hushed tones...* Due the random nature of our Random Number Generator, we will now plug in the entire thirty-two entries and see which is chosen by the RNG.
  By the way, we are using the "True Random Number Generator", if anybody cares about that detail.

 And.. the number is... 31!
   And number 31 is...
                                         ...Miss Michelle O.!

  See, sometimes it pays to be almost late!  ;-)

We give Miss Michelle a great big hand,
                                                                      *Thunderous Applause!*
...and thank her very much for participating in our very first book Give Away!

*Confetti falls out of the air onto everything; and a band starts playing.*

*Miss Michelle  bows to the crowd, smiling and waving.*  *More Applause.*

 Thank- you for being with us, Miss Michelle! And enjoy the story!

    *She blows a kiss to everybody and exits stage right.*
            *The confetti clears out of the air and the band stops.*

And now... for our Second Winner!

 Drum roll... please....

     We have an explanation.

*Hushed tones.* Due to the multiple nature of our entries, all entries entered by our First Winner will now be removed from the computing entries. Since Miss Michelle only had One Entry... it will be removed, and our final number of entries in this give away is....

Drum roll, please.

And the chosen number is....
                                                ... number 18!

        And number Eighteen is....
                                                         ... Miss Janessa P.!

       And here's a great big hand for Miss Janessa!
                                                     *More Thunderous Applause.*
  ...and thanks so much for being a part of all the fun here at E. Kaiser Writes-A-Blog for our very first book Give Away!

 *Confetti falls out of nowhere and the band starts up again.*                   *Everyone applauds.*


 *The band stops.*

 Miss Janessa P., unfortunately enough, left us no way to contact her.
                                                                                                             *The crowd gasps in sorrow.*
          But! Since she subscribed to this blog, she will be getting this post... and so will be able to contact us immediately with the information we need to send her very own copy of Jeweler's Apprentice winging its way over the interwebs!

 (However; if Miss Janessa P. doesn't get back with us by the 20th, we'll assume that the subscribing didn't work out, and re-award the Second Prize to another entry. Thanks so much for understanding!)

  And, since we can't contact her, she isn't able to Be Here, (like our previous winner.) We are all sad, because we love to get people up on this stage... but we understand.
     (Need not be present to win.)                   *(But must be able to be contacted! Of necessity!)*

                Thank-you everybody for joining us tonight!

 *The band jumps into full swing and the streamers are thrown from the upper balconies.*

   Let's give another big hand to everyone who entered this very fun event, and here's a bucketful of best wishes for the year ahead of each and every one of you!

 *A Truly Thunderous Applause rises above the band tune.*

 And let's all head over to the back for a heaping plate of good food, and something cooling to drink.
Double Ice in mine please, and let's make it a milkshake. (Wait! Is that a soft serve ice cream? ...Well...  ...That's good too!)

And as the party gets started here on the web, we leave this stage with a few words.
  Be happy, healthy and wise; Drive safely; and Be sure to come back!

 Good night to all!

                                                                       *Fade to black.*



Janessa P. said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I can't wait to read the Jeweler's Apprentice!

Thank you,
Miss Janessa Pogue

Michelle said...

Ahhhh! I can't believe I won! How exciting! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!! I look forward to reading your book :D

Elizabeth K. said...

Absolutely! This was so much fun!
So a great big Thank-you to everyone who joined us here and made this that much more fun!

Sarah H said...

What a fun way to announce it.