Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winners Take Note!

Hello everybody!
And welcome to the real, wide world, after the wonderful time we all had at the Announcement Party.
(Thank-you so much for all coming, it wouldn't have been the same without you!)

 We are seriously going to have to do that again sometime.

 But not too-oo, too soon, because there's still A Lot of confetti we have to sweep up. Oh, and those streamers? They clog up a vacuum like you wouldn't believe.

 Anyway! As a postscript to our very fun evening, I am needing to ask that the winners contact me with the email addresses that they want their copies of Jeweler's Apprentice sent to.

 So, Janessa and Michelle: I need the addresses to send those to. You can leave them in the comment box, with (at)'s and (com)'s if you prefer, or drop them off at my facebook page, or Tweet them to me... I'm open! Just get them headed my way, and if you would like, I can certainly delete them from the net after I've collected and used them for addressing your prize packages.
 Thanks so much for getting right back to me!

 And here's hoping everybody is having a great day!
 (We are. It's sunny, sunny, sunny outside!)

1 comment:

Miss Janessa Pogue said...

Hello Elizabeth!

I am your second place winner for you recent book give-away. My name is Janessa Pogue (Janessa P.). Thank you so much for posting this blog! My email address is Thanks and God bless!!!