Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heads Up: GiveAway by Sarah Scheele and Homeschool Authors blog

 Texan and author Sarah Scheele is being hosted on the Homeschool Authors blog, and giving away a copy of her Facets of Fantasy book, a collection of stories.

 I had the privilege of winning this very book in an earlier giveaway, and I think you'd enjoy it if you get the chance! She's done a really nice job with it... (right now it's sitting on my sister's bedside stand; I finished it and handed it over to her! ;-)  )

 Of course, there are lots of author giveaways that go on periodically at Homeschool Authors, so if you like free reads, subscribe and stay up to date!

 And it's always fun to check out the author interviews, and see what makes them tick! There's nothing like a peek inside a creative brain. It can get crazy in there!
 Have fun!

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Sarah Scheele said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! :D