Saturday, August 11, 2012

Q&A: How did you come up with the name Fia?

[ Here we introduce a series of questions I've received or heard, and my responses. I hope this can serve as conversation starters, 'cause I want to hear what the rest of you think of these questions, too. Am I bonkers? (You don't have to answer that directly.) Just tell me what you think and let the readers deduce for themselves. ;-) ]

First question:

  Q: How did you come up with the name Fia? :)

  A: I can't really say how I come up with any of my names. I try to keep them short, and easy; so sometimes I'll pick a letter and experiment with attaching syllables... see how it sounds. Other times a name will pop up out of the blue; and other times I'll get a great name, and realize later that it's a version or a twist of some other name from somewhere else.
  With Fia, I think it sort of came out whole, and in a longer version; that was a close imitation of a name from a rather famous work. At first I was going to have a shortened form, to flip from long to short in a sort of formal/informal manner.
  After a while, we decided to leave it short, instead.
 Sometimes simple is best.

  I love names! I can't help it.
 How do you like to come up with names? Are there certain tricks that work well for you?
 Share your tips!


Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

I love hearing from other writers about how they choose their names!
Some of mine are obscure names I get out of old baby name books. Some just 'came to me', like you said. Others I get out of my dad's Bible - he has a glossary in the back that contains every proper name in the Bible. So cool, and so handy as a writer!

Elizabeth K. said...

Ooh! Yes, those ancient names can be so much fun to play with while on the naming trail!
Though many aren't very useable, sometimes! ;-)
Thanks for chiming in! I enjoy hearing different techniques!

Elinor Ferrars said...

Great question! I really love names, so I've spent a lot of time perusing name books & websites. Certain names stick in my imagination and sound "story-ish." When it comes time for a new character, I'm like, "Yes! I get to get to put a character to one of those names!"
For historical names, the Behind the Name website has been indispensable to me, as well as certain surname websites.
By the way, I think "Fia Brithin" is a very pretty name!