Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pixar Rules of Story?

 Hey! Have you seen these?

22 Rules of Pixar Storytelling

 I hadn't, 'til now.

 What do you think of them?

 I'm kind of tickled, myself! There's a lot to think on here, and plenty to take away back to our 'dens' to mess with and figure out how to work them into our writing.
 I like #1. It's very true.

 #2 is also good, though hard to keep in mind.

#3, is kind of... ouch! That hurts.
 But is probably true.

 Well, they're all pretty good.

 Which are your favorites?
 Tell me!


Elinor Ferrars said...

Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed them. They must work, because Pixar makes great stories!
#5 stood out to me, because I like to include everything in a story, but when I go back and edit out unnecessary things, it's very freeing. I'm trying to learn how to simplify and focus the first time around.
#8 I loved. It's very comforting!
#13 is very interesting. Something to think about!
#14 is awesome ... I love thinking, "This story needs to be told!"

Elizabeth K. said...

Good point on #5, Elinor! :-) It's a tricky thing to do!
And yes, letting go, as per #8, can be a very hard thing to do. But I think they're right here, moving on is so important sometimes!
I've been discovering this! (#13) Too much is not good, to little is boring. Balance is hard to find!
#14 Ah, that's a good one too. Why does it?

Thanks for chiming in!