Monday, September 24, 2012

Ships and Sails and faraway Seas...

Okay... who loves sailing ships?
 Can we see a show of hands?

 Right. That question should be "Who doesn't love sailing ships?" and I bet we wouldn't get any hands.

 Those things are just majestic and awe inspiring in ways that no other thing can touch.

 But very few of us know much about them.

 So? Got ships on your mind?
 Go learn!

 I just found a right nifty brace of websites devoted to helping you do just that. (Using the term "brace" loosely. ;-) )

There is a Treasure Trove of info at the Pirate King!
including Ship Types; super, super interesting.
Weapons. Ooooooo! Nice.
How to talk like a seafarer, so you can fake it right. 
  And a Seafaring Primer, so you can bone up on all your terms, and use them correctly.
Colombian training ship ARC Gloria at sunset in Cartagena, Colombia

For your nautical definitions go here to this site.

And of course, there's always Wikipedia, for a general overview and a short list of ship types. As well as this gorgeous photo!
<- - -

 It's like I said.

 So majestic.

So, have you ever written a story with ships in it? Did you get your details right?


Kelsey Bryant said...

In fact I do have ships on my mind! I love sailing ships - in fact my second-ever blog post on my new blog was inspired by them. I've never written a story with ships in it, but maybe someday. I've always wondered how I could ever learn enough to make it authentic. But these pages look like they would help! Thanks for sharing. Does this mean you have ships in your next story? : )

Elizabeth K. said...

I'm so glad to hear that! There definitely aren't enough stories with ships in them out there. At least not with ships handled authentically. And authenticity is what gives the reader the feel of the sway beneath your feet, wind in the rigging... You get the idea!
Not enough for those out there.
And so, I'm glad I could help!
I've found that getting somethign right really isn't as hard as we would at first believe; with the internet all the info you need is out there, you just have to go get it.
And laziness is no trait for an author to have! :-)
I think my first good introduction to ships was Treasure Island, and the Hispaiola will always have a special place in my heart!
As to my story; it's actually not the Next One. It'll be a while 'til that on is ready for the limelight... but I keep many tales on the same stove, and when a scene Ruthlessly ATTACKS me, I can run right over and get it hammered down. It's the only way I know to make it let go of my brain! ;-)
Seriously, it's a problem.
But not something I can't handle! ;-)
And yes, I really enjoyed my stint in the sea air. I'm looking forward to returning to that scene and getting more shippy-ness done!
I had to drag myself away from my research to keep from running off with my imagination... Getting too wrapped up in research for a "back burner" story can kill me for any other story. And that's no good!
I have to maintain a "mountain-y" atmosphere in order to complete my current "Focus Project". We're past the halfway mark, and not yet to the finish, and that is always the hardest part!
Last gasp! (But it takes so long!)
Thanks for dropping by!