Saturday, March 22, 2014

20k for March is Complete!

I did it! I've gotten the 20k for this month down.


 And that means that I am now free to Not Write until April rolls around, if I feel like it.

 Which of course makes me feel like... I have an idea.... :-)


Connie Jean said...

An idea! You know what THAT means. No writing break for you! ;)

Kelsey Bryant said...

Great job! It's amazing how taking the pressure off makes you more creative!

Hannah Scheele said...

yeah, the minute you feel relaxed you get new ideas..
Good ideas...
If it were up to me you'd write without stopping for breath and always have new stuff for me to read, but I know I should not be a harsh task master...;)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

;-) Yes! I do know!
Actually, immediately afterward I kind of got body slammed by Real Life, so a writing break was forced upon me! It was not at all restful, so I am looking forward to getting back into my safe little world where all the deaths are imaginary. ;-) And I get to veto if I want. :-)

Thanks for commenting, girls! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know you each stopped by and took the time to chat a bit!

And, aw... Hannah, I wish I could! I'd love to be able to produce stories that fast... too bad I'm too human to be capable of it! :-)
I'll try to do my best, though. :-)

Have a great day, everybody!