Friday, June 27, 2014

Camp NaNo Is Coming Right Up!

 Well, June is nearly over, and as any of you who are aware of the Wrimo programs may already know... that means that NaNo Camp July is right around the corner!
 Like... RIGHT around the corner.

 This means that I'm a wee bit stressed, because I've been really, really wanting to wrap up Winter Queen before the first... so that I can start back on Prince of Demarken! I am really looking forward to getting back to that story!

 And that's what I've been up to.

 Well, better get back to work. Winter Queen isn't going to wrap itself up all alone!!! Wink


Deborah O'Carroll said...

I know!! How is it almost here?? O_O Methinks I have a LOT of plotting to do in the next couple days. ;)
Good luck on finishing Winter Queen!! You can do it! :D

Hannah Scheele said...

Is Prince of Demarken in Winter Queen's series? Not in Fia's, I think? :)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Yes, Deborah! It is almost here! Better get to plotting fast!!! ;-)
I'm sure you'll do fine. :-)

Yes, Hannah, Prince of Demarken is the second in the Thaw trilogy, and it's almost half written already. So I'm really itching to get back to is and polish up the last missing parts, and then see what people think of it! :-)
Sorry... not Fia's... I feel I've got to strike while the iron's hot with this trilogy, so all three are in the works sequentially...
Which means a new Fia book won't be born 'til next year, probably.
But maybe when you read Winter Queen you won't mind quite so much... ;-)
Thanks for stopping by!!


Hannah Scheele said...

Oh I'm sure I'll enjoy Winter Queen. :D I'm impressed you've got it half written already! That probably means you're feeling super inspired and must NOT slow down to getting it all written down! Inspiration passes too quickly and must be harnessed by a skillful author.

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Yes, Hannah! Super inspired is about right... and I have great news!
I've finished the ms of Winter Queen! I just have to go over it one more time, a little bit later. But I really do think I've gotten everything in there that it needs.
Clocking in at over 100k words right now, I'm thinking a split might be in order, but we shall have to see what a few other heads advise as well. :-)