Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog Reader Question!

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Okay, peoples! Here's a question for you... everyone who takes any interest in my blog should pretty-please answer this question:

  What kind of posts do you like to see?

 And also, how often do you think they should appear?
 As in: what's the absolute LOWEST amount per month you think is nice for you as readers, and what would you consider to be really a maximum?

 Because as we get deeper into summer, I'm wanting to do this blog justice... (well, actually, you lovely people who read it, justice!)

   But I'm also stacking my plate full of projects, (as well as everyday work and such that isn't really too negotiable.) So I've got a lot going on, and I need a structured plan with which to approach blogging.
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   What I'm saying here is that I love you guys! Everybody who stops by and comments and joins the
conversation... it's like being visited by flower fairies. Both beautiful and inspiring!

 So I definitely want to keep you lovely creatures happy and content with what you find here!

 On the other hand... I don't want to be putting more time and effort here than is required, thereby shorting the completion of the other projects going on in my life.

   So, enlighten me! You who ARE my audience... tell me! 

 What do you think??

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Sarah Scheele said...

2 a month is about minimum to keep people interested, I think.

4 a month is about maximum. I feel spammed by blogs that regularly post more than once a week.

Anonymous said...

I like hearing about your writing and your stories; but really, anything you post about is always awesome and/or fascinating, so whatever. ^_^ Write about whatever's going on in your brilliant brain or your fascinating life. :)

As far as timing, I follow a LOT of blogs, and I've found the ones that post less than once a week seem like they're never around; whereas the ones that post more than twice a week overwhelm me and I feel like I don't have time to read them all. Once a week, or twice if you're inspired, is good, methinks. :) Just my thoughts...


Also good luck on Camp! I STILL can't believe it starts tomorrow... O_O

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Okay, girls! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting right away... I feel validated!!! :-)
Hopefully we'll get a few more thoughts on this subject, but right off the bat there seems to be a really clear spotlight on the weekly posting!
Deborah says no less than weekly, Sarah says no more than weekly, so at this point, it would seem once a week is the perfect note to hold! :-)
(P.S. Sarah, I know what you mean; true confession, I hardly read blogs that post super regularly. It's like info overload to my already frazzled brain!)
That doesn't sound too terrible... I think I could probably handle that!
Appreciate your thoughts, and I'm looking forward to anyone else's that drops in!!!

Kelsey Bryant said...

We're flower fairies! I love that. :)
I like blogs that post once a week, though twice a week is fine, too. Once every two weeks is probably the farthest I'd say.
As for what I like ... well, your writing updates are fun, and so are your interviews, and the more opinionated articles where you make us think. If I've forgotten a category or two, I apologize! I really like reading whatever you post, even if I don't get to it right away.

Hannah Scheele said...

First of all, those are gorgeous pics! EEEK! :)
You know we love you back. :)
I like blogs that post once a week. Once every two weeks should be ok too, if you're really busy--so long as you're regular. We don't want you to disappear for months!
But I agree with Sarah that too many posts get bewildering. It's harder to enjoy each one adequately if there are so many piling up.
Regarding topics---well, plans for new stories are good. Discussion of writing--irritating plot cliches, good plot ideas etc--are good. Interviews are good. Blog posts illustrated by pics are good. And I always love those posts where the author lists what actors/actresses she thinks look like her characters.
Oh, and interviews with characters you created are good.
Also like movie/book reviews.

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks, Kelsey! Glad you like reading... that's a relief! ;-)
And yes, you girls are totally flower fairies. Or at least you seem so when online. ;-)
And you're voting once a week too. Okay, that is getting consistent!

And Hannah thinks so too!!! All righty, then that is really solid response for that. I'm glad to have such a clustered answer. Makes it easy to decide... and I think I should be able to handle once a week. So that's good!

And I love all the suggested topics! I should never run out of things to post about with all these great ideas here to remind me!!!!
Thanks girls!!! :-)