Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Winter Queen is Wrapped!!! (At least for now!)

Working Cover: Winter Queen by E. Kaiser Writes
Winter Queen is wrapped up!
  I really do believe I've gotten everything I can think of that needs to be in it... put there! Now to do a
bit more tweaking and then we'll be looking to see what we get as feedback from it!
 It goes without saying that I'm very relieved to be done with that manuscript... but I do wish I'd managed to finish still in June.

 This means that I needed part of July to finish WQ... unlike I had hoped.... But, since it's finally over, I can now feel free to move on to the sequel.

 Only on slight problem... I'm feeling a wee bit drained. (Ack!!!)
 And since it's Camp NaNo, the pressure is a bit on.

 I've set my NaNo goal at the same monthly goal I've been doing, 20k... so it really shouldn't be that scary. But the NaNo stat bar dictates a proscribed number of words Per Day... which you all know is not how I work best.

 So that is a little bit scary to me.

 And you know I don't work well when frightened.

 Anyway, I've been tapping away at my July NaNo doc, and I've gotten 6,583 words so far. Which puts me above the curve needed to make my stats approve of me... but I'm not feeling energized and refreshed like I'd like!

 I am having really outlandish dreams, though, which usually is a sign of creative muscle that just begs to work! So what I need to figure out is how to connect the two wires and get the creativity to boiling on Prince of Demarken!!!

 P.S. What do you think of our working cover???


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S GORGEOUS!!! <3<3<3 I LOVE IT TO DEATH. :D Super big congrats to you for finishing! That's the best feeling in the world. ^_^ (And I'd be happy to read it if the offer still stands. ;)) Good luck on the rest of Camp! I know you can do it! Don't let the stats graph frighten you--you've got this. :D *wanders away still screaming incoherently about the cover*

Sarah Holman said...

It looks amazing!!!

Kelsey Bryant said...

Congratulations on a job well done! I can't wait to read it. And the cover is absolutely gorgeous.
Keep up the good work with your July writings!!
What are your secrets for rejuvenating your creativity? Does it just happen? : )

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Deborah!!! Thanks for the enthusiasm! That means a lot to a nervous artist/writer person... so I super appreciate it!!! :-)

Thanks, Sarah! We really appreciate every vote of confidence! It's one of those things that very subjective, so I'm always worried that others won't like it. :-) I'm sure you know the feeling!

Kelsey! Thanks! Yes, it's been a haul, but we're over the uphill part now, right?!! ;-) And yes, I can't wait till we get feedback, too! :-)
And thanks for the up-vote on the cover! I've had such a great time working with Abi on this... she's a great designer, and we compliment each others talents well!!! She's the one who figured out how to put the water drops on there... that really just made the whole thing really pop.
As a matter of fact; I'm so stoked about all the covers in this series... we've been self-medicating plot burn-out with cover therapy!!! ;-)
We've got mock-ups for 3 more, and they all make me just want to melt into a quivering pile of fan-girlishness... and I hope I can write stories that live up to them!!!

As for how I go about getting my "zing" back, I'll have to make a post on that! Great idea, thanks for sparking it! :-)

Hannah Scheele said...

WOW. And again....WOW. That cover is stunning! I don't judge books by their covers, but an author I like and a gorgeous cover are pretty tempting combination! :)

Hannah Scheele said...

Tell Abi she's brilliant! :)

Any hints on the plotlines of the sequels?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ive been away for a while and missed the last few.
Sorry to hear you've been losing a bit of zing.

Here's what I think about that, but I look forward to your thoughts if you do a post on it.

Soooooooooo, the same thing can happen to me, or anyone.

I think it works like this.

We humans are not born to be alone. We are by every nature herding creatures. We want to be with others.

Connecting to others is a big deal, an essential in life, its the very reason we want to live.

So when we come into contact with others there are various sorts of connecting.

There is spiritual connecting, which is a bit hard to define because all we spirits are on different levels, and impossible to understand unless you experience it.

There is the connection people get from shared music, which is a kind of spirit to spirit connection, and people get that through choirs, orchestras, but also rock concerts, even heavy metal. I dont hold with those later 2 as they are flat out carnal connections and that isnt in my spirit the way I would want to connect.

There are emotional connections as well, which we have with our everyday family and friends and those we regularly interact with.

And there is physical connection which is for marriage.

So when we come into contact with others, there is an exchange of emotional energy.

We can either give and receive energy, or give but get nothing.

So when your losing your zing, for me its been because I am not getting. I work very hard 6 days a week, but dont get a lot back from my work, and dont get a lot back after work, because Im single and have no personal family.

So this is the principle that i think is going on. Basically what once fed you wont always, because we grow.

I hope you get everything you need and even some of what you want.

I'd say God bless, but I figure sometimes He is blessing us just letting us feel our way along.

God bless anyway.


E. Kaiser Writes said...

Hey Hannah!!! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the cover too... it's so encouraging to have it well received by an audience! Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion!!
(And I will pass on that thought to Abi... she's too modest sometimes!)

As for the sequels, check out my new Books page (button on the bar) I've updated it with several new items. Let me know what you think of the log-lines... I'm not too confidant in what I come up with for that short of a description, (there's so little room!!! ;-) )

I'd love a review on how they each sound!!! :-)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

B.! Nice to see you around again. Hope your trip went well... sometimes it can be refreshing just to have a change of scene sometimes! And of course, traveling can always end up slightly exhausting, too... so there's always two sides!

The "zing" I'm speaking of is mostly creative spark, which can be an illusive little thing! ;-) But you're very right, there are lots of different ways we can be "de-energized" and they're all important!

On the physical connection, I've really embraced the need for hugs, shoulder rubs, even just a squeeze on the arm in passing... as a society we seem to have lost a lot of the one-on-one exuberance of living, and I think platonic touch is a big part of that. I used to be envious of depictions of Italian families; all the over-the-top, won't-take-no-for-an-answer connecting that is depicted there.
Then I thought "So what if I'm not Italian? I can grab and hug my family anyway!" So I've started to do so, and it's helped a lot with my happiness levels. :-) Some family members aren't into that, so I leave them alone, but I make an effort to just grab and hug the huggable ones... it reminds us both that we care about each other and will be there for one another.
I even hug strangers now... if they seem to be lonely or really wanting a connection I'm not afraid to say "Are you a huggy person?" It's amazing how often they'll nod, almost with tears in their eyes, and we'll give each other a long squeeze.
I used to think I was the only one who felt lonely, but now I realize there are hordes of lonely out there, and with every hug, pat on the shoulder, big, sincere smile, I can help alleviate that a little. So I try to do so.
(Naturally, we ought to respect the wishes of those who aren't into being touched...! :-) But there are a lot of folks out there that are really missing a good hug.)

And when I can help someone out, it lessens my focus on me, you know? ;-) So, it's like that saying goes "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

Yep! One day at a time! :-)

And, yes, I'm a firm believer that the things we might be inclined to pray for them to "go away" are truly necessary for our strengthening! Been through some really dark, hard times, but I'm so much stronger for it! If He'd of allowed me to "skip" that, I wouldn't be as much use to His plan as I can be now! So it's all important... and the struggles are super important, right along with it.

So the exact same back to you!!! :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Amazing front cover!! :D Who does the art work for you?

~Krista Lingo~

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks so much, Krista!!! :-)
We do our own! I am so blessed to have an awesomely talented photo manipulator and designer for a sister, and we work together to get the best results!
The hair, in fact, is hers.... we took a picture we had of her blond hair in long curls and were able to manip it into a platinum color.
Thanks so much for stopping by!!! We hope to see you around more often, if you get a chance! We love hearing from folks with a book-ish opinion! :-)