Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guest Posting on Vaguely Circular

Hey! I'm a featured guest poster recently over at Vaguely Circular's Imagine This! celebration of
 I maybe should have given everyone a bit more notice, but it just snuck up on me!

 Oh, well!

 In other news, I'm over 20k on my July writing, so that means I've reached my Camp NaNo goal. Should I reset my official goal to 30k, or just keep that as an unofficial goal?
 What say you all?

 Anyway, on the my guest post opening!

 "It seems a lot of ideas come from dreams, and I have a theory that dreams and spec-fic actually are located in the same place… as in, spec-fic is stories set entirely in the dream world, that is why they work, and why they appeal.
Because we are waking when we read them, our conscious minds demand the stories follow their own internal logic and rules (unlike dreams); but, so long as they’re consistent, writers can get away with anything… because we all know in dreams, anything goes.
I’m known for active and colorful dreams, and there was a stretch..."

 Go check the rest out on Vaguely Circular!


Kelsey Bryant said...

I enjoyed this guest post of yours! Did you see my comment on Vaguely Circular?

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks, Kelsey!!! No, I didn't... ;-) guess I'm behind the times!
There seems to be a thread here... I send things off and hardly am aware when the people even put them up... which makes it slightly hard to respond to comments there! ;-)
I will go check it out, and thanks for the heads up!!! :-)

Hannah Scheele said...

I loved that post.
Some of my most thrilling adventures have happened in dream world. I especially love it when you see the irrational mixups that happen in the dream world--like when you find yourself in the Prince Caspian movie, starring opposite James Arness, investigating a kidnapping, wearing a Tudor dress..
Note: This is NOT an actual dream of mine. I'm just demonstrating how crazy but cool dreams can be. :)
I wouldn't be surprised if some classic literature had been inspired by dreams. I know the Witch's Sabbath was inspired by a dream of a drunk man...and it turned out pretty well. :)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Haha! Yes, Hannah, some of the most thrilling things can be things we dreamed of! :-)
And that would be a wild dream! Mythinks it sounds like a great spec-fic!!! :-)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

And Kelsey! Yes! Thanks for the comment there, and also for the one over here!!!
It can be hard for my to keep up with everything on the net! ;-) Thanks for the heads up. :-)