Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Title Image for the Thaw series

 What do you think of this as a title promo image to kind of sum up the whole Thaw series?

 It is visually linked to the first four covers... and I like the way the water drops and the silver metal-look letters play off each other.

Tell me your thoughts!!! 



Hannah Scheele said...

I really like the icy feathery thingy--sorry if that sounds really vague and dumb :P--behind the letters! Very elegant. Would make beautiful clothes for a fairy queen.
Incidentally, I also like the heading on your blog! Has a nice, fairy tale feel to it! I just noticed it.

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks, Hannah! It's a frost image... I have always loved frost patterns, so it's so much fun to be able to play with them to the hilt in this series!!! :-)

And thanks for the compliment on the blog header! Yes, I thought it was time for an update. Glad you like it!!! :-)

Kelsey Bryant said...

This was posted while I was on vacation, so I didn't see this until now. But it is BEAUTIFUL! I love the frost pattern, too, and I like how the whole thing shimmers. I also really like the water droplet. Very symbolic of a thaw ... and maybe a tear from a melted heart??

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Awww... thanks Kelsey!!! Hope you had a great vacation!

And I'm so glad you liked the water drop!!! :-)
(Abi is a genius... ;-) )