Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blast from the Past: Why I write.

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   I was searching for something the other day in my various stacks of repositories, and came across a paper with this written on it.
   I remember writing this... but I can't remember exactly when. I think it may have been as far back as eight/ten years ago... or maybe not that many, I can't place it for sure.
 Anyway, here it does:

"Why do I write?

 Why do you dream?

 When I write, life recedes a distance and I am on a different level... where the temperature drops on the mist of my thoughts, condensing then into drops of words.

  Then, like dew on a spiderweb... stringing into sentences and paragraphs. Images and feelings, swirling and fading, in and out.
 I wanted to write because I loved reading so much as a youngster. I wanted to contribute something good back... and that's never changed.

 When I emerge I am refreshed; renewed.

 Day-to-day returns and I can face it with a cleared perspective.

 ...I have learned something from myself."

  What do you think about that?

       Why do you write? Hm???


Hannah Scheele said...

Wow, you were a cute kid to write so well at a young age! This explains why your narrative/descriptive powers are so advanced now!

Why do I write? Cuz it's fun--and good for the soul. I think people need to express themselves artistically in some way, even if what they produce isn't necessarily all that good. That's why so many people do songwriting alongside their jobs.
I think Dickens once said something to the effect of, " I am not a good poet, but my poor poetry is what makes me a better man."

Something like that. :)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Haha! Thanks, Hannah! That's gracious of you to think I was a cute kid... at the time I got the impression that most people thought I was a smarty-pants jerk. ;-) (Sad but true... even though I worked very hard at Not actually being arrogant or a jerk; peers didn't feel comfortable with any glimpse into my talent, I guess! :-) )

Yes, I agree with the therapeutic properties of writing! It can be very freeing and cleansing! :-)

Thanks for commenting!