Saturday, October 11, 2014


Clean Indie Reads, the home of Flinch-Free Fiction, is having a Fall Sale October 5 thru October 11!

Check out all the sale books here.

To celebrate, we are having a blog hop where you can learn more about some of our authors and their books.

Our bloggers will also be answering the question:

Do the changing seasons influence your writing and/or choice of books to read?

Please join the discussion on the following blogs, and you might win a prize or two!

Happy Hopping!

Hey! I'm participating in the Clean Indie Reads Fall Sale Blog Hop, and so the question I need to answer today is: how do the changing seasons affect my writing?

Well, I can tell you right away that they mostly don't. 
Exept when they kind of do...

Here's the thing. I write whatever season, temperature and landscape my current Work In Progress requires, so that isn't affected much by what's going on outside my window. 

 But, I can also tell you that I hate heat. And also cold. 

 So I really don't want to work on heat-stroke-inducing desert scenes in the middle of August, when heat stroke is a very real option here and I'm trying not to think about it for fear of priming events for it to actually happen.
 (I'm an "attack-first" thinker; not to say that my thinking about something will make it happen, but I have been victim of my powerful imagination before, and find my poor little mind very suggestible to it's influences. So it's best to stay very strictly away from mentally listing "worse case scenarios", unless it's absolutely a state of verifiable crisis and we have to.)

So this also means that in the middle of the blooming cold of winter, I DO NOT want to be imagining myself in the middle of a blizzard, and describing that in vivid detail. (I have been there and done that, and on a hot day in August, recalling all the sensations can actually be enjoyable. In the middle of January...? No. It is not.)

So there you go. I generally try to write opposite to the extreme season I happen to be in... call it a case of authorial wishful thinking. Wink

How about you? Do you "transport" yourself into a different time of the year to escape the current discomforts? Or am I unusually strange? 

(You don't have to answer that!!!! Wink )

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth, Thanks for posting! I also "write my way out" of unpleasant circumstances! Glad to meet a fellow escapist! best to you, Sally

Linda Covella said...

Elizabeth, thanks for participating in the blog hop! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm good with denial.

Onisha Ellis

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks for commenting, ladies!!!
It's good to know I'm not alone! ;-)
Yes, I think that's a key part of anyone who loves to read, the ability to escape into the pages of a book!
Perhaps writers simply require an extra dose of the same thing! ;-)