Monday, October 13, 2014

October Update: 20k is Down and OUT!!!

Okay, peoples!!!
 I'm just as thrilled as pink peaches to announce to the world today that my 20k for October is
Found at FrontPorchCandles; don't they look scrumptious?!
 (Post-scriptus: I wrote this on Saturday, but since my poor blog already had a post that day, I set this to post on Monday. Wink)

   I had several thousand words left over in September from that month's 20k goal to "pay forward" towards October's... which was a good start for "Month Before NaNo Crunch Time".

   ...And then I had a good sit down with my main-brain side-kick and plot-planning partner, and we roughed in some timelines and got several sticky details nailed down.

 (P.S. Snapp and Snurr are some long lived reindeer! They're treading 13 years old now, at this point. And still going strong!!! I tell you what,  does Kai really know how to treat his team or what? He's a master herdsman! )

Current Mock-up Cover Art
 (P.P.S. What do you think of those names for a pair of reindeer? Sound reindeer-y enough to you?)

 So, jet-fueled with all the new scene ideas richocheting around in my head I plopped down in the chair and typed madly for the rest of the day! I held out against distractions, against movies being watched in the next room over.
 I even held out against naps and... food. (Kinda. Wink)

 And I did somewhere in the neihgborhood of 5-7k that day!
  And then I hit the keyboard in the days that followed, putting in late nights, and middle of the night writing sprints and anything you can imagine to be sure that I
 A) Got these good ideas down, and
 B) got to 20k as soon as possible.

 Now, I have.
   My 20k for October is accomplished, so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

 And most of my good ideas are down, and I'm feeling very confidant in this book's future as NaNo project starting next month.

 So, with those two worries off my mind, I can now concentrate on the one obstacle that remains: Prince of Demarken, Mission Code Word:WRAP-UP.

 Like seriously, Wrap-UP!!! I've been talking about getting that thing finished off for months now, and I'm deadly determined to make sure it happens before November.

 'Cause I can't start on Reindeer King with the clear conscience it will definitely require if Prince of Demarken is STILL lurking unfinished in the background.
  Come one, now, WIPs!!! This is NOT funny by now!

 So... that's my plan for the rest of the month.
   What about you?

  ( And do you think it is remotely possible that I will actually finish off this long-haunted project at long last??? Wink)


Hannah Scheele said...

I like Snapp and Snurr. Very reindeer-ey.
I totally believe you can finish it. You have wonderful energy and are organized enough to get things done--something even famous authors have lacked, and a very good quality. :)

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Awww... glad you believe in me, Hannah!!! :-) I've got one week left to do it in... so we'll see! :-)

Glad you like Snapp and Snurr!!! :-) And that you think they sound reindeer-y enough! :-)