Friday, April 22, 2016

The Print Launch begins!!! *Duh-de-du-dummm!*

  Wow, today is the last day before the Launch officially starts! And the FB party's tomorrow!!!

Ack! HOW did time go bay so fast?!!!

 Oh, well, never mind! We've been working hard with the PR team and we've got a lot of super fun things lined up... with the select help of some

  First things first...
 The Print Launch will be featured on these blogs through the week, and everyone who comments on those posts will be eligible for a selection of prizes and prize packages that will be announced back here on the 29th.

 Thanks so much for the lovely features, everyone!!!

Kelsey Bryant           22nd

Rachel Rossano         22nd
Claire M. Banschbach 22nd
Deborah O'Carroll      22nd
The Editor's Note          23rd
Hope Chapel Homeschool 23rd
The Splendor Falls       24th
Megan Lynn Glass         24th
Kathy Lorentz               24th
Faith Blum             25th

  There has been such a generous response for this and I feel very humbled and blessed by each and every one of the fantastic people behind it all!!! Thank you all so much!!!
   And there can be no doubt that I appreciate it all to the moon and back, and I hope they are all blessed in return for that which they have done!
  I am very grateful for all the help and support from all the sponsors and the authors participating in the Blog Tour and the FB party!!! 24th 23rd

  There's going to be a lot of fun prizes on both the FB party and the Blog Tour comments, so everybody join in on the fun!!! :-)
 Thanks again!
  Elizabeth (aka E. Kaiser Writes!)

Prize Package lists:
 FB Party...

 We've had a lot of wonderful sponsors want to share their products during this exciting launch event, which is just marvelous! Some of these will be shipping from us, others will be shipping from the seller, so be sure to check out what else they offer, because the lucky winner will have the opportunity to have additional purchases  combine shipping with their Prize!
All of these are really at great price points, so you can have some fun and indulgence that is very easy on the wallet!!! 

 (And for a several of these winners, they'll be receiving a wallet to be easy on! Wink )

Snow Leopard Luggage Tag & S.Leop. slim-line Wallet 
5 snowflake charms
Necklace Set

Snow Leopard Luggage Tag & S.Leop. slim-line Wallet 
5 snowflake charms
Bath Bomb (from seller)

Snow Leopard Luggage Tag & S.Leop. slim-line Wallet 
5 snowflake charms

Snow Leopard Luggage Tag & S.Leop. slim-line Wallet 
5 snowflake charms
S. Leopard Card (from seller) 

  Order of the other giveaways is not set in stone. :-)

             ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~      ~

Then for the Blog Tour comments prizes we have:

A prize package of,
Snow Leopard Luggage Tag & S.Leop. slim-line Wallet 
5 snowflake charms


Hair Jewels (from seller)

Snow Leopard print (from seller)

Snow Leopard photo download (emailed from seller)

2 Sets of:
6 Snowflake charms
Plus a dagger charm with each of those.
 (These mailed from us.)

  So... that's quite a line-up of loot that will be heading to someone's house very soon, and you have multiple chances to up the odds it's your house they head to! Wink Each comment on each blog post in the tour will be eligible to win a prize or prize package... so get around and get your mark down with all the participating bloggers!!! Wink

    Take care,


Kelsey Bryant said...

Ahh! So many prizes, I'm overwhelmed! They're all so lovely, but those snow leopard tags are my favorite. :)

Time to start commenting and also pass around the news. Oh! And the winners will be announced on April 29, right? So we have six days?

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Yes, indeed!!!
And to keep it fun for everyone, all participating bloggers may enter by commenting on the other blogger's posts, but not their own comments on their own posts. :-)

And the more comments the more entries!!
Spread the word!!
Spread the fun!!! :-)