Friday, April 29, 2016

Announcement Postponed!

Hey all you lovely peoples!!!
 We are here to announce today that the very Official Winner Announcement needs to be postponed due to the fact that I'm way in over my head with stuff and scheduling, and a sudden trip that can't be postponed... (business, business...!)

 Anyway, because you lovely readers deserve a fun and happy announcement party here on this blog, and because I am simply unable to create that for you today, I'll have to go all dramatic and mysterious on you and say "To be continued... at a later date."

 Like, a week. I'm thinking. (Because I'm going to be gone for 5 days, and then who can tell what condition I'll be in when I get back! Ack! Introvert alert is going off, here!!!)

   So... rest assured that the entries have been noted, the votes have been tallied, the winners have been selected with the handy dandy help of a Random Number Generator.... But you won't get to see them until at least a week has past.

 (Also, please be advised that several of the blogs who had volunteered to be part of the tour actually failed to go live on the day they were supposed to... in fact, haven't yet done so, and so of course none of you could leave comments there. Never you mind, those of you who did go about and leave lovely comments on all the blogs who really were participating in the tour... Your perseverance is noted! Thanks for showing such enthusiasm for the event! We appreciate YOU!!! )

  Anyway, that's probably partially my fault, since I failed to go back and remind (read: pester) all the blogs in advance, so it was left up to each one to be organized themselves.
 (Again, crazy pressured here, so that causes a lot of things to simply slide!!)

   And thirdly, thanks to all of you who have participated in any way in our Print Launch events... we really do super appreciate you all and wouldn't have the heart to do much of this without you.
 So thanks for being there.

   Take care, and think of me these next five days... (Good, happy, adventuring thoughts!!!)


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