Wednesday, June 5, 2013

39 Books on Sale: all 99 Cents Each!

I'm participating in a big Indie book sale!  39 books are all on sale for 99¢  June 5-12!
(Including the YA light fantasy adventure novel Jeweler's Apprentice by E. Kaiser!)

At the end of the list Jordan Smith's "Finding the Core of Your Story" is 99¢! 
Grab it!

Here are the books in the sale:
By Elizabeth Kaiser
  • Jeweler’s Apprentice

  • By Luke Alistar
  • Offset

  • Catalyst ZX-10

  • Deep Water

  • The Offset Trilogy

  • Daughter of Thieves

  • By Starlight

  • The Element of Surprise

  • The Unseen

  • Velvet’s Wings

  • By Kendra E. Ardnek
  • Sew, It’s a Quest

  • Saffron’s Big Plan and Other Stories

  • Do You Take This Quest?

  • By Katie Lynn Daniels
  • Supervillain of the Day

  • Fire and Ashes

  • Inspector Floyd

  • Supervillain Hunters, International

  • Sanctity of Life

  • By Molly Evangeline
  • Every Tear

  • A Captain’s Heart

  • Finding Faith

  • Courage

  • Trust

  • By Ophelia - Marie Flowers
  • Zeal Aspiring

  • By Elisabeth Grace Foley
  • The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories

  • The Silver Shawl: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

  • By Jennifer Freitag
  • The Shadow Things

  • By Jessica Greyson
  • Annabeth’s War

  • By Aubrey Hansen
  • Red Rain

  • Peter’s Angel

  • By Sarah Holman
  • The Destiny of a Few

  • The Destiny of a Galaxy

  • By Abigail J. Hartman
  • The Soldier’s Cross

  • By Holy Worlds
  • The Sword and the Pen

  • By Rebekah Jones
  • A Year with the Potters

  • By Elizabeth Kaiser
  • Jeweler’s Apprentice

  • By Jacob Lauser
  • Through Crystal Skies and Windy Nights

  • By J. Grace Pennington
  • Firmament: Radialloy

  • Never

  • By Jordan Smith
  • Finding the Core of Your Story

  •  This one I particularly recommend to any author/writer types out there! The information on clearly defining the concept of your story can save you hours and hours of painful re-writes, not to mention pages and pages of painfully deleted text!
     Don't do that to yourself! If you've got a book buying budget at all, grab this for 99¢ and you'll be doing yourself a huge favor! It's fun to read and makes the tips and tricks easy to remember.
     If you get this, remember to thank me later.  E.

    1 comment:

    Sarah Scheele said...

    This is joint price reduction is a cool idea in itself--however, all these books are ones I already bought or am not interested in. :P Hope you get some sales for JA, though! It will be good to get new readers started before you release the second book. ;)