Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hello Bloglovin'! Do you like Summertime?

So they say that Google Reader is scheduled for execution and that the "normal" way of subscribing to blogs is over. Like, irrevocably over.


 I suppose it must be true.

 Still, I'm okay with that. I found myself signed up with Bloglovin' and it actually makes it easier to keep abreast of what folks I follow are saying. It compiles everything into a email message with short blips about each new post that has been posted, and I can easily skim through and only open the posts that I have time for.
 Really quite clever, actually.

 And I'm also thinking of subcribing to more blogs that have interesting posts. Now that keeping up with them is so easy.

 Anyway, something you might want to think about. If you want to grab some of that same peace and tranquility within the world of blogs, jump on over to here. It's not hard, and it's actually really slick.


Kelsey Bryant said...

I've been trying to figure out if the Google Reader's execution affects me or not ... is that the same as the blog posts that show up on your blogger dashboard? That's how I keep up with the blogs I follow.

Hannah Scheele said...

Interesting! I tend to keep up with blogs by putting them on my email or on my toolbar--that way I can't miss them. But this one sounds like a good method. :)

Elizabeth K. said...

Thanks girls!
Yes, Kelsey, I think that is what they're referring to as Google Reader, but then again I'm not sure. :-) So can't help completely on that! ;-)