Monday, June 17, 2013

Thanks to All who Participated in the Sale!

  Special thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy of Jeweler's Apprentice while on sale for 99 cents! I really appreciate it!

   Of course, I was NOT constantly checking Amazon Reports... (much.)

 Just for everyone's information, I re-did the cover for JA after getting a better feel for the cover we were coming up with for Traitor's Knife. I had gotten a little feedback on a few tweaks JA's old cover could use, so I took the opportunity of the sale to implement the tweaks and improve the cover a bit, and I think it turned out even nicer than it was before.

 Also, since I was re-doing the cover, I want back through the inside words as well, and tried to catch any and all things pointed out by previous readers. While I was in there, I added a few paragraphs here and there to address questions I'd received, and I think that this is definitely a stronger story for that. 
  So, anybody who has previously downloaded JA, please feel free to log back in to Amazon and the site should sync your old version with the updated one, and give you the latest, top of the line reading experience for Jeweler's Apprentice.

 And.... if any of you do that, and delve into the story again, I'd love to know what you think of the changes! Or, if you even notice them. Smile

Have a good one!


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