Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 19: April Camp NaNo

     What a rush this month has been so far! With plenty of real life hectic-ness going on, it's been almost a relief to have a word count goal to worry over, because that at least I can influence!
 I know, but it's true all the same.

  And, I've not had much trouble worrying over my word count lately. I'm ahead of schedule, even on the challenging 30k goal, and I'm super excited about where the story is going!

  First off, in an attempt to get into a friends cabin, I opted out of the un-talkative cabin I was in. But instead of getting into her cabin with her, I ended up in another cabin, pretty well populated with motivated writers and interesting chatting going on.
  This has made the Camp experience much more fun, and encouraged me anew to tackle the major plot points in my tale.

 Secondly, I met a friend of a friend also doing April Camp, and her word count was astonishingly high. I was flabbergasted, and then that little bug came up and said, "If you could catch up with her, you would be happy."

 This itched at me for several days as I tried to get my daily words in, and then I was stuck by brilliance! The story rolled out of my fingers like water out of a culvert in a spring rain, and I loved it!
 My sister also loved it...
 And soon I was within striking distance of that really high word count...

  And then, I had passed it!

 And of course that WriMo had written more, so I wasn't up to her.

Day 19, 4:48 Mtn time!
 But brilliance continued on, and I wrote over and above my daily goals. I got multiple thousands per day, and soon... yes!

  Today, I caught up with her word count! I am ecstatic! I am happy.
 And I am way ahead of schedule, so that means I am also Not Scared I won't make the total.

 And I can't wait to be so far ahead that I burst through my 30k goal line, and then I'll be like, "Good! So glad! Hm, lets' see if I can secretly do 40k before the month is out."

 There is every kind of way that will make this story get finished huge lots sooner, and I really want to send this on to betas! I think they may like it as muchly as my sister does... ('cause she can be hard to impress sometimes, and she likes this!)

So... that's how I'm doing. 
 Tell me, how are you doing?


Connie Jean said...

That's great! I'm managing to plow along a couple days ahead of schedule. Nowhere near as good as you, though. ;)

Deborah O'Carroll said...

You're doing so well!! Am I write in assuming I know the writer who so flabbergasted you? ;)I just hit the half-way mark, which is obviously way behind but still feels like progress to me. :P I'm so glad Camp is going well for you! Keep going! :)

Also, I tagged you with the Sunflower Award! Which you can do if you want but you don't have to. ;) It would be fun to hear your answers if you could find time, though!

Sarah Scheele said...

When I heard there was a mini NaNo in April too, I nearly passed out!

Deborah can tell you this is true. :D

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Yes, Deborah, you do know that person! And she has written a lot more words, and I ma behind her again... but I am still happy that I caught up to her! :-) Now, we shall see who finished first... though it will probably be her, since she's so close now. ;-)

Aw... Sarah! Don't faint! This is much less pressure than the Nov. one, and it's a great tool to use in self motivating toward any pesky goal that is getting left behind.

Hannah Scheele said...

This was a great post! So often Nano posts are so discouraging as the poor authors struggle with the time limit. :( :D If Abi liked it I will probably like it too.

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Hey Hannah! Glad you liked it! Yes, I rather think you will like it. ;-)
Have a great day!