Thursday, May 10, 2018

6 Costumes, 2 Months challenge; Accountability Request!

All right! So... in case anyone hadn't heard, I'm confirmed to attend Realm Makers this year, in July, in St. Louis! I'll be going up with friends, meeting more friends, making new friends, and rooming with friends... so for this INFJ there's going to be a whole lot of "EXTRA-verting" going on.
 (It'll be exhausting, I know it! But afterward, sooo many great memories, am I right? )

To bolster me through this Big Thing, I've resolved to have awesome (or at least slightly awesome) garb to wear each and every day of it. (Because it's easier to be brave when wearing a great costume!)

 So... that means I've got to make all the things (or at least 6 days worth of them!)

  I've had a list of "dream wear" for decades, but I never actually get them made. (Or in some cases, the fabric even snipped! Though I do have it, in some cases. {Tardis dress, hello. Yes, I see you. Yes, I'm sorry...})

  So, this will be my "reason to Just Do It",  (a la here, if you haven't seen that Shia LaBeouf motivational clip, go see it!!! Hilarious... and true.)

 So in order to make sure I follow through I am asking for public accountability. Internet counts, right? ;-)

   Spring/summer is a busy season on any farm or ranch, and with us still getting the place 'on it's feet' it's even more hectic. I really want to find the time, though, and this will force me to get creative and strain every minute into usefulness, if I'm properly motivated.

  So, I'm going to use this blog to make updates on my projects, (hashtag "6costumes2months") and spread the word! (FB, Twitter...) I know a lot of you great people will be too busy to comment, like or in other ways spur me on at each and every step, but I figure if I collect a big enough group together then it'll guarantee that someone is "watching" at all times, and my progress updates will receive the rewarding encouragement, my "non-progress" will receive pestery prods.
 And all of this will move us as a group in the right direction, toward the accomplishing of this goal.

 I have until July.

   Are you with me?
Let me know on FB, Twitter, or however you'd like to stay in touch, that you're up for the team of Reminders!!! :-)


Kelsey Bryant said...

I'm on it! :) I want to see pictures, too. You're going to be making some amazingly pretty costumes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely idea, to post updates and photos here. Would love to see your progress!

Camilla Cruz Uphaven

E. Kaiser Writes said...

Thanks, Camilla, for prodding me like this!!! I really value this, and it's exactly what I hoped for!!!

I have taken this 'spur' and took action; photoing my "hither to fore" pieces, so everyone can be updated on where we're standing right now. :-)

And, Kelsey, you know I always appreciate your encouragement and support!

I'm off to write a post now!!! :-)