Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#6costumes2months, Starting Post!

As I had hoped, prompting from a friend (thanks, Camilla!) has re-ignited my focus on this project! (So keep those pokes and prods coming, dear Reminders, whenever you feel I haven't reported in a while!)

   To start it off, I want to quickly outline some of the ideas that are on the board... these are not fully formed, and I reserve the right to swap out at any time for something else that strikes my fancy more, or looks easier. ;-)

  There must be a Tardis dress, some where, in some fashion. (Because I splurged on the fabric for it years ago, and have never gotten up my courage to actually cut into them!!!)

 There will be a Belle. (Because that look is simple, and fits right in with my go to color scheme anyway. I'm a blue-&-white sort of complexion!)

 And there will be what I'm calling a "faux-Burdundian" or what may turn out looking like an "old German" gown... fake-fur trim and all!  (Sketches on the right, above.)





 There is also planned to be a "Blue China Shepherdess", or "Little Bo-Peep" or  "18th Century Shepherdess", with side puff skirts over side hoops. (Because we have the perfect print for that, and the side hoops are addictingly fun!!!)

  I also wanted to do a "fem!Beast" or a "fem!Gaston" ... because I have a fawn skirt that reminds me of that era of breeches. So it seemed like low hanging fruit that oughtn't to be passed up. But we may end up just accessorizing it to be "fem!Huntsman" instead.  (Short Cape has been made, almost completed!)

  These I either have the fabric for, and need the impetus to cut into it; or I have parts already in my closet; or I've made pieces already, so that's a guarantee to use them.
   The remaining number of outfits are not nailed down yet, and I work best when there's built-in room to change my mind if something comes up.

  So... that's the line-up so far... and now I'll introduce the pieces that are already created. (Or started.)

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