Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Camp NaNo wrap-up: + #6costumes2months Intro!

Made it through another 30k for Camp NaNo!!! Am really glad to have that month over.  And it went fast, so that's good! But... cram packed and kind of stressed!

So... new problems to conquer!! This month I plan to do my usual 20k word count, hopefully do a lot of author presence upkeep stuff, and also I need to start on #6costumes2months My online accountability project to complete FULLY at least 6 costumes to wear to #RealmMakers in July.
So... who wants to keep me accountable to my sewing goals with that???  
    Let me know!!

Or maybe I should put it this way:
 "Want to be nosy for a purpose? Pester me for my own good? Be in on the sewing of fun costumes, which I need people to pester me about, so I complete them?
Let me know!!!   "

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