Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Blog Give Away!

  Oh, I'm sooo excited! We had such a great, terrific, stupendous time with our previous give-aways that we're doing it again!

  And this time, there will be an undisclosed, (hopefully large!) number of give-away copies in play!

 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard that right! So the more who play, the more we'll give away! (Pass the word to friends or acquaintances... or total strangers that like to read! ) We're planning on a four week run... so that even our procrastinator friends can make it! (We hope!)

 Here's the low down:

 For 1 entry:  Leave a comment On This Post containing your contact info & a Question for the Author;
 Follow this blog;
 Follow @EKaiserWrites on Twitter;
 Tweet about the give-away;
 mention it on FB;
 Like my author page on FB, E Kaiser writes;
  Friend E. Kaiser on Goodreads!

   (and if you already do these, just say so!)

 Add up your entries and put them into a comment here, on This Post! (One comment, or multiple ones, it all counts! )  Just let me know what you've done, and spread the word about this give away!

 Then, we'll all meet back here on March 31st for the big finale!

 See you soon!


Chris said...

Oh, goody, another chance to win your book!
Okay, let's see. This is my comment entry: Thank you for another chance to win your book! My question: Will there be a sequel to Jeweler's Apprentice, or another book in the same setting?
I RSS your blog, so that's the follow entry, right?
I don't Tweet or Twitter, so I'll have to miss those.
But I did mention your contest on FB,
Like your author page, also on FB,
and Friended you on Goodreads.
(I've also sent a link to this page to my husband, because he loves me and I'm sure if HE wins your book he'd be willing to share it with me. After he reads it, of course!)
Thanks for another fun chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Danw at turbonet dot com

What made you become interested in writing?

Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

Here's my comment, and I just joined as a follower on this blog! I don't FB or Twitter, so I'll have to skip those.
Here's my question: If you could live a story you've written (or at least plan to write some day) for real, which one would you choose?

editor (dot) thewriterslair (at) gmail (dot) com

E. KaIser Writes said...

Hello Cris! So glad you're able to join us again, and we'll be looking forward to having your husband here sometime! ;-) And of course he'd let you read his copy.
Your question: Will there be a sequel to Jeweler's Apprentice, or another book in the same setting?\

Yes! I am partially done with the next book, as yet untitled. It's working title is Snow on the Grass. What do you think of that?
In it the action heats up, and even more things are brought together. I think that readers who liked Jeweler's Apprentice will enjoy delving straight back into Fia's story, and will be enjoy getting to spend more time with the characters from book 1. The plot line becomes deeper, and the whole feel of the book, while staying true to the first, just ups the tension a little. So I'm hoping fans of JA will be really pleased with it's sequel.

And thanks to you for being the Very First person to ask a question!
Words can't explain how much fun I have hearing everybody's thoughts, and answering them!

Have a great day!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Our second question was: "What made you become interested in writing?"
Thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun!
The official answer to your question can get pretty long! ;-)
But the short one is: I always loved books, and when I read an abridged Little Women and discovered that Jo March started to write... I was blown away! I'd never thought about people-actually-writing-them... and I instantly knew what I wanted to do "when I grew up"!.

Thanks for joining in! ;-)

E. KaIser Writes said...

Mary Ruth! So glad to meet you here, and thanks ever so much for coming to play with us! ;-)
Also, thanks for following! And we totally understand about the not having FB/Twitter thing. (You're a wise woman! ;-))

Here's your question: "If you could live a story you've written (or at least plan to write some day) for real, which one would you choose?"

Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness! What would I live? Oh, that is such a hard one! Acckk!
Okay. *Deep breaths.* I'd have to say,(where the End counts, right?) I Can't Choose!
I know! That is such a cop-out...! And I'm sorry, I just... my head would explode if I had to actually weigh each and every one and Make A Decision of one over all the others.
That being said; I'd love to be Fia, from Jeweler's Apprentice; she has some pretty neat things going for her in life.
I'd also love to be the smart, secluded girl who must leap into a troublesome journey through varied dangers and adventures; with a boy who never knew she existed, and a guide she never thought could be real. (It's been super fun so far!)
Then there's the one about the orphan whose entire destiny is to warn his free-living plains people of the coming destruction of their way of life; and to labor long in preparing a way for them to survive when it comes. His story is super sad, (angst!) but his life is super meaningful, and as a character he really sticks with you.
And of course there's... but wait! I'd better stop. We could be here all night at this rate.

I literally cannot choose. :-)

What a creative question! Thanks so much for asking. :-)
And thanks for stopping by and joining in!
Have a writerly day! (In a good way. ;-) )

LeAnne said...

I am so glad you are having another giveaway!! :) My question is, What is your favorite kind of story? My email address is

LeAnne said...

I am following this blog!! :)

LeAnne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeAnne said...

Oopps, I forgot to put my email address in my last comment, so I deleted it and I am trying again in this comment. I Liked your author page on FaceBook!!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Hello Anne!
So nice to meet you! And it's great to have you here joining in with us!

Hmmm... as for your question... "What is your favorite kind of story?"

Well, I guess I'd have to say fantastical elements really get my imagination going. To a good fantasy/fairytale, or sci-fi... that's just really hard to beat. Other than that, a nice gripping tale of just about any sort gets a thumbs up in my book.

Again, thanks for coming over!
Have a great day,

Sarah Holman said...

I'm Sarah and my e-mail is

What is the best part of being a writer of you?

Oh and I shared this on the Homeschool Authors Page

Sarah Scheele said...


I friended you on Goodreads and tweeted about the giveaway earlier, but wasn't able to comment. I had already done the other things (blog, FB page, etc.) :)

As a writer, I find the actual process can be hard work. Do you have any favorite ways to stay creative and avoid burnout while writing--such as listening to favorite music or taking periodic breaks to walk around?

E. KaIser Writes said...

Hello Sarah H! Thanks so much for stopping by!
What is the best part about being a writer?
Well, hands down, it's getting those stories out into the air! The act of having these characters and events jump to life in your mind, and then capturing them in words that share them with readers... it's a total thrill.
I know that may sound a little weird, but when the creativity is flowing... it's almost an adrenaline rush! ;-)

And the worst part about being a writer? (Apart from anybody telling you your work is terrible!) Is when your creativity goes on vacation and your left wallowing in... nothing. Just a vacuum.
That's painful. In a way only writers can probably sympathize with! ;-)
Thanks so much for sharing about the give away!
Have a great day!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Sarah Sheele! Thanks so much for joining us! ;-) And for spreading the word around! :-)

"Do you have any favorite ways to stay creative and avoid burnout while writing--such as listening to favorite music or taking periodic breaks to walk around?"

Well, I've found it really helps to get enough sleep! (Though when I'm on a roll that seems to not happen!) As for during the actual writing... I live and work on a farm, so there's a lot of "all hours" demands; my writing time is limited to whenever I get it. So by the time I actually have a few hours to spend with the computer, I just sit at it and type as fast as I can!
Burnout certainly is a problem, but not a while-I'm-writing problem. It's usually something that happens gradually... and can take weeks to go away.
Other than the sleep thing, I try not to worry over it... cause I have a theory that just makes it worse! I could be wrong, but it feels that way.
I also think that keeping up with entertaining reading helps against burnout... but I have to be careful that what I'm writing doesn't take a sudden turn in the direction of what I'm reading!

Thanks so much for commenting!

Hannah Keeth said...

Thank you for doing another giveaway. It caught my attention the last time, but unfortunately it had already ended.

What was the inspiration behind your main character's name? Or any of their names, for that matter. It's something I'm always interested in, and yours are so unique.

I followed your blog,
followed you on Twitter,
tweeted about it,
wrote a status about it on FB with a link,
and liked your page on FB.

You can email me at

Is that the contact information that you needed?

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! I'm finally here!!!! Really hoping this comment will come through! :D
I liked your FB page. I'm not on Twitter but if I were I would follow you there too. <3
Really hope I'll win!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Hello Hannah Keeth! So glad you were able to make it in on this one! (And thanks so much for your encouraging intro! :-) )

You asked about Names.
Okay! That's a question with a big, and slightly vague, answer! In general, when naming characters I try to make sure that first letters don't repeat very much. Reader differentiation between characters is really important, and any similarities in their names can cause confusion. (My family used to read books aloud a lot when I was little, and there were lots of plot-lines that suffered when me-the-listener got names mixed up.
Me: "What! I thought he was the hero's friend!"
Reader: "This is the villain, Elizabeth.")

So, in keeping with that, I also try to keep the following syllables unique. I find that just playing with syllables, as if I was making up a language, is tons of fun! And there's lots of possible names in almost any selection of letters. Rearrange and see what comes out!

Sometimes the character will have a set of requirements for their name: the villain must sound scary; the fool should have a name that sounds quirky.
Other times, the name comes first and suggests the character, or at least suggests deeper layers.
As for Fia, her name really helped solidify her character. I had the vague notion of a girl; who through a well-meaning action gets propelled into a totally different setting, and an adventure she never would have chosen.
Then with her name in place I started to see all these little subtleties in her personality.

It's fun!

And, yes, that is the contact info we need! Thanks! ;-) Thanks so much for joining us!
Have a great day!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Hello Anonymous!
So glad to have you! And thanks so much for liking my Author page on FB!
I do, however, wish I knew what your name is! ;-) And you forgot to leave your email, so we could contact you!
Hopefully you are subscribed to the blog, so you'll get the announcement, but I do love knowing who made here! ;-)

Also, you didn't ask a question! And I've been having so much fun answering them!

But, no matter, (in the words of Vizzini, ;-) ) Glad to have You!
And have a great evening... it's gorgeous here!