Monday, April 15, 2013

April Update

 Well! Spring rush is upon us here in the rolling Midwest, and we just got a most welcome rain storm
last week! There was over 3 inches of moisture, (which was wonderful!) and a goodly amount of hail included. (Which was not quite so wonderful, but we're not complaining!)
  It looked like it'd snowed here for several days afterward. But now the green is creeping out on slopes, and it looks like we're going to get some more moisture again in a few days!
 So, maybe no more drought, praise the Lord!

 In other news, Real Life has been super busy, (which is good!) and not allowing a whole lot of time for fiction writing. (Which we wish it would.)
 But with Traitor's Knife still in the hands of beta readers, sometimes a break from the imaginary world can refuel those creativity tanks and set the stage for brilliance a little later!

 I do carry a little booklet in my pocket to capture sudden strokes of genius, (should they occur. Smile)

  Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Cover Art poll, the results were highly informative! And a lot of fun... I love learning things this way!

 I have also been concocting an author site off and on over the winter, and thought that now might be a good time to share it. They say that a site can always be tweaked, so here is the initial form of E. Kaiser
    Tell me what you think!   
             Any suggestions?
                 Anything missing?

        I appreciate any input!