Monday, March 4, 2013

Cover Art Poll Results & Giveaway Winner!

Well, here we are again!
  First off, we want to take a moment and give a heartfelt thank-you to Everyone who stopped by and weighed in on these hard questions. Your input was invaluable! And we greatly appreciate it.

 Secondly, the barrel has been stirred, the wheel has been spun, (so to speak,) in other words the random generator has randomly generated a winner and the winner is...

 Brian Crouse!
 Thank-you, Brian, for joining the many kindly folks who helped us out with these decisions!
                    (I have emailed Brian with the notification of his winning vote!)

 You may all be interested to know that the entry by which he was selected winner was number 49; in which he answered question Number One by choosing Red as his preferred background color. This proved to be a popular choice; outweighing the other options by a large margin.
 In fact, why don't be just break down the numbers right here?
                                             (You all love numbers, don't you? Smile )
 We'll go there right after this message.

  As a second prize/giveaway/thing, an additonal copy of Jeweler's Apprentice goes to...
 Kim at Of The Earth Artisan Works. (I've notified Kim of her available copy as well.) Have fun with the read, Kim, and I'd love to see more of your jewelery work!

 Okay... down to the nitty-gritty details:

[Because this was running on Homeschool Authors blog as well as E. Kaiser Writes, I have laboriously compiled the two, separate results sheets to reveal the true Popular Winning Choices!]

                Viola! You see before you... Le Results!

[Numbers in parentheses were split votes.]

 For the Question of  - - Background Color? - -

HomeSchoolAuthors polled   ~  Red1:  7 (1)  Green2:  3  Teal3:   4 (1)  Blue4: 2 (2)
and E. Kaiser Writes polled  ~              6                      3               4                    1       
                                                          =13 (1)             =6              =8 (1)           =3(2)        

        The overall winner for the Background Color category was unmistakably RED!       
                   (With Teal coming in as Runner Up.)              

   For the Question of  - - Which shine is best? - -

HsA~ Red1:   3   Green2: 5    Teal3:   5      Blue4: 3
E.KW~           2                 4(1)             6(1)             1                                  
                     =5               =9 (1)        =11(1)          =4       

 The overall winner for the Which Shine category was undeniably Teal #3!       
   (With Green #2 in as Runner Up.) 

  For the Question of  - - Title Arrange? - -

HsA~ Red1:   4   Green2:    5(1)  Teal3:   6 (2)  Blue4: 2 (1)
EKW~            2                    4                    8                    1     
                     =6                  =9 (1)          =14 (2)            =3 (1)             

   The overall winner for the Title Arrangement category was clearly Teal #3!       
      (With Green #2 coming in as Second Most Popular.)
             {Wow! Looks like everybody felt Teal #3 had a whole lot going for it! 
                                                        But it just couldn't top the crimson hue.}
  For the Question of  - - Author Position? - -

HsA~ Red1: 0     Green2: 0    Teal3: 0       Blue4: 0            Top:    9        Bottom: 10
EKW~          4 {T}           1{B}         6{T}            4{B}               ~5                    ~10
                                                                                            =14                     =20     

     The winner for the Author Position category was definitely Bottom!      
                                (With almost nobody liking the heavier, blacker text of #2)

  For the Question of  - - Author Color? - -

                                   HsA~ S:  12              Dark: 6                                
                                  EKW~     6(1)                      3(1)               
* Red1: 0 Green2: 0   Teal3:    2(2) {S}    Blue4: 1(1){D}                         
                                               =20 (3)                =10 (2)        

  The definite answer is Silver; with approximately 60% of respondents weighing in on the metallic side of the scale! 
      Only 1 out of 3 were in favor of the darker look.
   (Which doesn't mean it's a bad idea; and therefore might prove a valid choice in another application. We shall keep this in mind!)

   And, as stated, only one out of all 34 votes went for the author text on Green #2.

    Very Interesting!

Red 1
Green 2
Teal 3
Blue 4

 Thanks very much everybody for participating! You have given us some very definite thoughts to think about!
 I am not sure when we will be able to rework the cover to include the new insight we have gained from this interactive poll and giveaway, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how it comes out!

(Personally, I'm thinking it's going to be stunning. Smile )

So in parting just let me say; Muchas Gracias! 
Y Buenas Noches!