Space Kitties - Anthology

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"Close your eyes. Imagine kitties were in space. Open your eyes. Write."

 Now it is time to turn our sights on Space Kitties 3: The Ones They Left Behind. Submit up through Oct. 31st!

 What would a redoubtable Space Kitty be left behind on? With whom? In what terrible situation?
 These are the questions that need answering!!! And you're just the writer to answer them!!

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We're looking for hopeful, inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles (abandonment, loss, etc.) to find a triumphant happy ending! 

Submissions call to all far thinking spec-fic authors for fun, unique and suspenseful stories about kitties in space. 
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 Many sci-fi fans have noticed the lack of an animal element in their fare for a long time.. and now we can change that!

  With a subtly humor slanted focus, to be in keeping with a cute and fuzzy kitty on the cover.
What could be better?
 But ALL styles are welcome... requiring only that a cat/kitty be a main or secondary character, and that the story involve space in some way.

The wilder the better!

Entrants are not limited to one submission only... we want the very best stories, and sometimes it can be hard to tell which one you write is the stellar one. So feel free to write several and submit them all!

Brand new and specific Cover Art will be lovingly crafted by a super talented graphic designer! 
(The same as did the first two!)

 Open to all lengths: from flash fiction to 10k; and a wide range of subjects/themes: from anthropomorphic, fuzzy kitty crew of astronauts making hard decisions...
  a Star Captain's beloved cat that accidentally triggers drama.

  Just so long as the kitty is a main plot point, we're looking for all ranges of feline filled adventure!

 Begins June 4th, so spread the word to all authors!

(Window now open through to Oct. 31st!)  ... then the judging period can begin!
 (Keep it clean, General Audience.)

 What You Give

1) Your story submission. 
That is all. No fees, no hoops, no hidden you-are-bound-forever-to-the-depths-of-the-stars. By submitting, you grant permission for your story (if selected) to be included in this anthology, (or versions of it.) You keep all other rights, including and not limited to the right to re-print it elsewhere, print it stand-alone by yourself, include it in different anthology later on... expand your submission into a novella, novel, play, screenplay, graphic novel, audio presentation, * or a crash course in creative writing.
Whatever you like!

 (*or even interpretive dance.)

What You Get (by submitting)

  1) Real life feedback on your submission, by a real life judge with real life experience in the field of writing. (Judges to be disclosed.)

What You Get (if selected)

 1) Your work included in a real, print book. Also, e-version.

2) Inclusion in an anthology with other amazing authors in the genre.

3) Bio and links within the volume at the end of your story.

4) A chance to work with a compilation editor to make your story the most impactful, polished and masterful that it can be.

5) The opportunity to make writing history and possibly impact the world, by changing the face of sci-fi forever for the better. 

6) A chance to be known forever as a true forward thinker.

 (Due to the possible size of the anthology; we sadly can't offer a print version of the anthology to each author. But an e-book version will be yours!)

 Space Kitties Media Kit!!!

Okay guys, here's the real deal! We're coming up the cover for Space Kitties Anthology 2, and so we'll have cover reveals and all that good stuff. But until we get it out, we can all use the cover from SK1 in spreading the word around. So go forth and scatter hopeful sunshine through the galaxies by letting any and all writerly minded folks know about this fun project!!!

 But, of course you all have to have a place where you can grab that stuff from! So never fear, this page is here.

  And... we've got a couple of promo blurbs you can use... we'll get some promo images in the mix, and each one of you decide which and what you want to mix and match, and you guys just have fun with it! (Right?)

   'Cause if this isn't fun, why are we doing it? (Right?!)

OK! Here's the cover and a couple of other promo images!

1.9 x 3

1.3 x .3
3 x 1.25

3x 2.2  


Katie said...

When you first mentioned this idea and asked me about writing for it my first thought was "Oh goodness, I don't have anything" and my second thought was "oh, wait a minute, that's totally a Trevaliant story." so I'm already halfway through my submission... (and completely endingless...but we'll deal with that later.)

E. KaIser Writes said...

That's awesome, Katie!!! So glad to hear that!
We can't wait to see what you come up with!

LadyM said...

My first thought was oh my word. I don't even like cats, so it sounded preposterously, ridiculously, laughable. Unfortunately I got an idea shortly after that. :P Feline SciFi, here I come!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Haha!! ;-) Sounds great, Lady M!
There's nothing like a good juxtaposition to get the creativity flowing, hm? ;-)
We'll be looking forward to it!!!

sparrowbean said...

How old do you have to be to submit a story? My little brother (who will be nine next month) is wondering if he is old enough to participate.
Thank you!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Hey, great question!!! Since we're here to encourage all authors, even young ones, I see no reason there should be a restriction on how young an author can be to enter something! :-)
Since rights are involved when working with a story, (see above, "what you give" & "what you keep") then he'd need parental approval, and that they'd be willing to verify on his behalf on the granting of publishing rights, should his entry place. :-)
We're so glad to hear he's excited!!! Generating excitement makes us super happy!!!
Thanks for asking, and we'll be looking forward to his project!

Lydia said...

Hi E. Kaiser,

I just tried to submit my story, but I'm not sure if I sent the right file. (I'm not tech savvy at all.) I wrote my story in wordpad, copy and pasted it (which I just learned how to do) to Scrivener and tried to submit it from there. I wanted to let you know ahead of time, just in case it's the wrong one. I'll check back to see if you've had a chance to reply. I'm so excited about this project and hope Igot it right. Thanks so much! (I'm also on Christian writers as Lydia if you want to contact me there.) Thanks again, Lesa

E. KaIser Writes said...

Got it, Lesa! And I've contacted you about the hangup, so we should have this taken care of pronto!

So glad to have you joining us here!!!

Lydia said...

Hi E. Kaiser, I e-mailed the story to you. I hope you received it in one piece this time, lol. I wrote a short rhyming poem that recaps some of the adventure and lessons in a fun way and was wondering if I should e-mail it too or try to submit it on here.
Thanks again!

E. KaIser Writes said...

Got it, Lesa! Great job! :-)

Anonymous said...

I just submitted mine! Here's hoping we all win :)

mickie said...

The above anonymous is me - I'm still messing around with Google accounts and comments...yikes :)

Anonymous said...

I do most of my writing as of late on my Windows Phone and although we have a Windows 8 computer I still have trouble sending things back and forth, mostly because we are using an old monitor. If there is an alternate way I could submit my story (I.e. Email) be critiqued I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

Bill Hughes said...

Actually Anonymous is Bill Hughes. I do not have all the tech smarts needed in this new day and age.

E. KaIser Writes said...

Bill Hughes!! Thanks for stopping by, and of course we'd love to see your entry.
If you can email it to me, at ekaiserwrites -at - hotmail,com then we can get it slotted into the right folders to await the judges' pleasure!!!

Hopefully you see this... :-)

Happy writing everyone!