Sunday, May 31, 2015

20k in May: Complete!

  Well that was very down to the wire, but I've finished up my monthly goal of 20k for May just right now.
   So that's a great feeling!!!

  Want to know what's even greater?

      I have the urge to keep going on this scene that came to mind as I desperately needed one to finish out my word count for the month!

   That's one of the wonderful things about having a monthly goal, for me it allows a lot of flexibility within the month, but if assures that at least at some point, I will have to really push myself beyond the "comfort zone" of writing only when and if I totally, completely am inspired.
   And sometimes in those "reach zones" there is real treasure to be found!

  This scene is a perfect example... I had not thought to have the Tree King show up in the #4 Thaw book, but suddenly here he is and he's answering a lot of questions that have been sort of floating around all through this series so far. The profundity of his replies are setting up a whole slew of information, further enriching the world for this series to go forward in, and laying a foundational hints at some of the things that are to come.
   Though Ilise is totally oblivious to the clues... I think readers who read this series twice will catch a whole ton of suggestion here!!!

   I love moments like this. Gifts from the pinch-points, so to speak.

   What goal have you finished this month?
     Do you have a long range goal you're working on?

  You all take care!


Kelsey Bryant said...

That's great to hear, Elizabeth! I love it how writing sometimes seems to take care of itself. :) And already the Tree King? Didn't we just talk about him last week?
I would like to read the series twice to pick up on all those clues. I love that.
I'm not sure how I did on my goal this month ... I need to go back and figure out how many words I wrote and compare that to my 15k in April. (And probably feel ashamed ...) :)
BTW, the new blog background is very, very pretty!!!

Kelsey Bryant said...

I just figured out my word count for May, and actually it's not too shabby, for me! :) 12k! (I think 10k was about normal, for good months.) So, I'm happy with how S&S is coming!

E. KaIser Writes said...

That's a very respectable advance, Kelsey!!! Anything over 10k for a month is definitely getting you places in a serious way... though the journey is always longer than we'd like! :-)
And yes, the Tree King had a comment he wanted to impart, and he wanted to say it to Ilise. I think it happens sometime on her Grand Tour in Reindeer King, and I'm getting the feeling that the place she encounters him is the Deep Forest.
What do you think of that?

And YES!!! You Must, MUST read the series twice, and pick up on all the clues... That will be so much fun. I hope to share the completely amazing fun of writing it, thereby seeing all the clues as they come into being, in a sort of omniscient way... share that with readers who re-read, and then get to see the same "HA!!! She DID NOT just say that, did she? How LITTLE does she know what's in store!!!" giggling glee that happens with omniscient sort of knowing. ;-)