Monday, October 29, 2018

The Sewing place...

 Here's a quick look at the place where the creating happened this summer. We're still working on the interior, so things steadily change, but it's fun to see the progress!!
The South windows let in a lot of light, a lot of heat, but we got the porch on this summer! (After pic)

Short Cape, fur-collar out, hangs on my 'self made manikin".
  At this point we are still "en media res" with the construction, even though that has really slowed down to a crawl.
(As in, outdoors work has taken precidence over indoors finishing!)

     We've got most of our stuff moved over, but it's far from organized at the new place. My lovely spinning wheels are sitting largely unused, and our closet (in the background) still holds so much electrical and lighting supply that it's not functioning for the wardrobe very well!

 But! I've used a free standing drying rack to drape my project fabrics on, working against the "out of sight, out of mind" principle.

   They are really pretty, and I do find myself impatient to begin getting them worked up into their intended garments!

 The west facing window lets in a lot of good light, but gets a bit hot in the afternoon so the curtains are a must! But it's lovely to have an entire table to work on, and not have to share with meal times!

   Stacking the lightweight shelves on top of our old childhood dresser gives us so much vertical space, we haven't utilized it all!

  But you can see the really beautiful faux fur roll at the top, which trimmed the Short Cape, and the Old German gown.