Monday, June 13, 2016

SpK2 Tour Wrap-Up, and Other News.

 Okay, the Blog Tour is wrapped up, and the winner PDF has been chosen!

 A big thanks to everyone who participated... and to our fantastic Tour Co-ordinator,  Melody Muffin!

 So...  the winner is... LeAnne Douglas!!!
        Enjoy the read, LeAnne!!!

In other news... looks like we'll be making a big move these upcoming few months, so I'll probably not be on line much!

  I will be trying to keep on my writing schedule, so for all those wanting to know when the next book is out... (Where is King's Ward?! Where is Reindeer King?!)
 Never fear... I'll be getting them done as swiftly as I possibly can!!

 (Abi-sis and I were just discussing some of the finer points on those two books this morning over breakfast... and they're both such fun tales!!!)

 Also, the Space Kitties 3 will be in submissions stage until Sept. so keep spreading the word about that, and get those stories finished and submitted so when we gather up the tales and send them to the judges, yours will be among them!

 Also, I've got some art work that needs done, and I'll probably be around from time to time, so if you want to drop me a line, or message me with anything on your mind!!!

   Take care...

 P.S. Who's up for a Writer's Weekend Garden Party in the Sprignfield. Mo. area sometime in Sept/Oct. when the heat cools off down there? Wanna come?
  Let me know!!!

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