Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Have you heard...about Fairy Tale Central?

Once Upon a Time two girls had
a dream. A dream of a fairy tale site, an internet library, if you will, for all the fairy tale lovers of the land to gather and converse. To learn, to read, to fangirl/boy, to bask in the goodness that is fairy tales.

As this dream blossomed, the two girls recruited a third. Because, after all, all good fairy tales come in themes of three.

With the third member in place, the girls got to work. The dream began to take shape, until it was no longer just a dream. But something real.


There is a blog attached, which you should check out... I love this topic of "Rumpelstiltskin"

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Illustration release; Road to Bremen by Kelsey Bryant!

In the midst of preparing the release events for Kind's Ward and the Five Gems relaunch, there happens to be even more news!
  This past year I was honored to be asked by long time editor, friend, and fellow author, Kelsey Byrant, to help with The Road To Bremen; her middle grade fairy-tale retelling of the Brementown Musicians.
   She did such a delightful job with that tale, and the animals' personalities all really shine through, and definitely made me laugh as well as touched some poignant nerves while reading through their adventures.

    Working with her was especially fun, since she'd already done a lot of the visual research for her setting and era, and we were able to showcase some local breeds and plants as our illustration models.

Their lives are saved by a dream. 

But only friendship can make that dream a reality.

Once upon a time..

Etzel the donkey is getting old, but he works hard on his farm—until the day Herr Hoffman decides he is no longer worth keeping. With no choice but to escape, Etzel sets off on the road to Bremen to seek his fortune as a musician. On the way, he rescues three other animals—a dog, a cat, and a rooster—who are also old and destined for death.

Will these four new friends find their success and worth as musicians in Bremen? Or does the road hold something better?

Based on “The Bremen Town Musicians” from the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Ideal for kids from 7 to 11 years old, but great for all those young at heart.

Author Bio:

Kelsey Bryant lives in Central Texas, but being one-quarter German, she’s always wanted to visit
Germany. Bogged down during the crafting of a much longer book, Kelsey started writing a retelling of one of her favorite fairy tales, “The Bremen Town Musicians,” to resuscitate her creativity. She rather liked the result.

Kelsey is the author of the Six Cousins series and Suit and Suitability, part of the Vintage Jane Austen series. The Road to Bremen is her first book for children. Besides writing fiction, Kelsey is a copyeditor, a martial arts instructor, and an avid student of the Bible. Visit her at kelseybryantauthor.com or on her blog, Kelsey’s Notebook.
Paperback available now, e-book available for pre-order, releasing on February 22.
Announcement Post on my blog

Monday, February 11, 2019

King's Ward release and Blog Tour!

The re-launch & release is here! It kicked off on Homeschool Authors, with a Author Interview,  then Rebekah Stargazer's take-over guest post "Eight Reasons Why I Loved Traitor's Knife". And  then as a wrap up for the Big Release, advance readers Rebekah and Kelsey Bryant chatted about King's Ward.
  Their conversation was my absolute favorite of all!! (You gotta check that one out!)

  Then a blog tour hosted by Silver Dagger Tours kicked off on their blog: with a Rafflecopter giveaway featured. There are 4 swag packs up for grabs, so make sure you enter and let us know which prize you'd choose!!!

 And both Jeweler's Apprentice and Traitor's Knife are currently on sale at 99 cents, so everyone can get caught up on what's happened so far!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, January 24, 2019

King's Ward upcoming release!

All right, now hear this!
  King's Ward is nearly finished being polished, and we're working hard to get everything in order for it's release February 9th!

 I know a lot of wonderful readers have asked and asked when it was coming, and the Big Move and everything really postponed it's arrival for a while... but the wait is almost over!!!

    So... how about a cover reveal?

Anyone want to be part of a blog hop, cover reveal post, general release announcement?
   Or review sometime in Feb?

                   Let me know!!!