Saturday, August 8, 2015

2 Month Update...

Hey Guys!!!

 So... hi! Yes... I've been silent on the blog since May, it would appear... which is interesting. It hasn't felt like that long.

 Clearly, if someone wants to keep close tabs on me and what I'm up to, it'd be a great idea to stalk me on FB, (makes one wonder more deeply about who else might be, also, doing the same? But then this is the internet, so pretty much, don't post it if you don't want the world to know! Right? ;-) )

 Okay! Back to the subject at hand!

 I actually have gotten a ton of stuff done between my last post and this... so a quick recap of the past 2 months goes thusly:

 20k in June: Check!!! Yep, got that done, even though June turned out to be a busy month, and I faltered a bit in the middle, but I got 'er done!
 In fact, I was introduced to My Write Club through some connections made in Camp NaNoWriMo, and I've been using that to chart my progress every month. It's a huge boost to my determination, when I can watch that little chart going up, and the time/space shrinking... really puts the progress into perspective. :-)

 20k in July: for Camp NaNo in July I wanted to boost my usual monthly 20k up to a 30k, which I was able to accomplish. I did have to resort to counting in a blog post which I wrote for The Book Creators, who have invited me to post advice-y stuff there, and it's been an interesting challenge, one that will continue.

Mostly though, I've been trying to keep Real Life in order while working on updating and finalizing the five novels I have out at this time, in preparation for increasing their exposure. So editors and betas have been the order of the day, and there always seems to be a truly astonishing array of corrections to be made each time through!!!

 Also, I've been trying to bring along several art projects as we go, whose requestors have been very good at understanding the weird schedule that my projects usually run on! Also, they've got very busy lives, too, so we're all in the same boat!!! :-)
 It's good to know we're not alone, at least!

 Anyway, so here at the beginning of August I've gotten 5k started on my 20k for this month, so that's not too shabby, and I hope to be wrapping up some of the art stuff and getting that off to the very patient peoples whom await it! That'll be a great feeling, on both sides!!!

 Okay, well, here's another vote.

  Since I was gone from the blogosphere for about 2 months: Did you miss me?

 And how often would you really want to hear updates on my various projects?

 Finish anything up recently? If so, congrats to you!!! That's an accomplishment! (Both literally and figuratively!)


Christine Smith said...

Hey, girl! So glad to see you back! ^_^ But I totally understand. Time has gone by insanely fast. It feels like May was just yesterday. It's craziness!

I love hearing about your life updates and what's going on. Congrats on writing all those words through June and July, that's fantastic!

I DID finish something recently. About a week ago I finished the first draft of my WIP Burning Thorns. I'm quite excited about it.

Here's to August being another fun, productive one! *, keyboard*

E. KaIser Writes said...

Thanks for noticing, Christine!!! :-) I'm always grateful to those who take the time to comment on the blog, since it always encourages me to no end! :-)
But I know I'm so very erratic in posting that it'd be unlikely to catch readers attention very much!!! :-)

Great job on finishing your ms!!! That is a major accomplishment, and one that ushers in the even more overwhelming step of re-writes/edits/etc, so enjoy the feeling of victory for a while before diving back in!!! :-)