Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Traitor's Knife Celebration Giveaway Winners!

Okay, here it is!

The rafflecopter has spoken, and the first winner of the Traitor's Knife Celebration Giveaway is...

      Anna Baber!

 Congratulations, Anna!

 As first winner Anna has choice of the prizes and she picked the $25 gift certificate from Bajmy!
  So I will be sending Bajmy her address, and that will be showing up in her inbox soon!

 The second winner was...

   Valerie R.!

  Valerie R. chose the gift certificate from Seed & Sky for $32; and that will be showing up in her inbox soon as well!

 The third winner was....

  Carolsue E.; and from the give-away basket containing:

   the Original Art
   $2 gift certificate from Sweet Things by Leoh
   or the mystery gift...
   which I have decided will be a free copy of the e-book Traitors' Knife itself!

Carolsue picked the gift certificate from Sweet Things by Leoh.

   Thanks for getting back with me, winners!

   And since there are a few more things in the basket... whoever comments first with (their email) that they'd like the e-copy of Traitor's Knife, will get it!
   And the Original Art goes to Hannah S. for being such an enthusiastic fan of it! Thanks, Hannah! I appreciate your vote of confidence in my artistic abilities.

 { ~ This contest is closed. 08/08/13 ~ }

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clean Authors 99cent Sale!

  I've been included in the Clean Author's 99 cent Sale with Jeweler's Apprentice at the price point for a limited time only! 
  Both my books are up on their site, and will be even after the sale. It's a place for people to go to find clean reads, meaning no swearing, sex or R-rated violence.

Clean Authors Book Sale!

If you like clean reads and are looking for a good source, check out the lists on there! CleanAuthors.com
  A lot of the e-books are 99cents or FREE for a limited time only!