Monday, February 4, 2013

Cover Art poll and Give Away!

 Hello there everybody!
 Here we are again in the grand tradition of all things... new and scary, to ask your help in determining a matter most urgent, most perplexing, most... well, we can't make up our minds, so we want to have you help us out with yours.
 (Help, please? Nicely?)

 The team has labored long and hard over the momentous decisions necessary to craft the prospective Cover Art for the sequel to Jeweler's Apprentice; and now their brains are basically frazzled. So, we need to poll the audience for a few key points, and as a bonus somebody wins an e-copy of the first book in the series, the lovely and talented Jeweler's Apprentice!

                                                        *Drum roll, applause*  

 Thank-you, thank-you. Thank-you all.

                       *Master of ceremonies bows nicely*

   Back to business.

 Okay, folks here's the deal. We have four mock-ups, and we now need to know...
 Which Background Color is the BEST of the four?

 Which "slanting shine of light" is the most effective?
 Which Dagger/Title arrangement is best?

 Which Author position is best? (Top or bottom.)

 Which Author color is best? (It's in silver and also dark. )
Red 1
Green 2
Teal 3
Blue 4

  We're so frazzled our thinkers can't think, and you know that's a dangerous place to be when creativity is a must!
 So, give us all the opinions your little heart can muster, and enter them into the raffle-copter widget below.  Even if you only have the strength for one opinion, sock that critter into the widget! We need you!

  And also, with every answered question, you are entered again into the ultimate drawing to win a copy of Jeweler's Apprentice! Remember, I've been known to throw in an extra copy-prize or something else unpredictable, so be sure to get your little email address into the widget by hook or by crook. You never know WHAT might happen. Smile

 P.S. If you have already read Jeweler's Apprentice and don't wish to receive another copy, should you be selected as winner we will substitute a different prize. (A Mystery Prize!) Just let us know. Smile

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