Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Research: Period Costume Links

Words, Words, Words

 Sometimes I run out of words. Yes, I know... how horrible! For a word-smith like myself, some might not believe it possible.
  But there are times when I know exactly what I want to say... but haven't a clue how to say it. The Word escapes me... sometimes because I simply don't know it.
 Especially when writing about period things.
 What do you call that thing that the chatelaine keeps at her waist with her keys on it? Not a "key chain" surely. That's way too modern.

 All Those Beautiful Nouns

 Well, fortunately there are a lot of folks out there using all sorts of old fashioned words, and in conjunction with the old fashioned things they go with. So if you're stuck on how to describe your heroine's outfit, take a look at some of these links.

Good, Quick, Cheap This has a lot of really interesting details for anyone researching period clothing (or making their own.) Bustles, corded petticoats, there are great detailed photos and construction quips. And what does a "bodkin" do? Well, read this!

Check out the work of costumer Sarah at Sarah Beata's Gallery. Pretty impressive! Sarah also does some theater costuming; which I imagine is a really fun, if quite challenging, task.

If anybody is in need of some clues on how to clothe their 30's/40's/50's heroines, they can just take a stroll through We Sew Retro and come away with all sorts of sweet ideas. These are real people sewing real vintage patterns, (though they are sometimes "inspired by", too.)

And that "key keeping thing"? Turns out its called a chatelaine.
  Who knew?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Q&A: How did you come up with the name Fia?

[ Here we introduce a series of questions I've received or heard, and my responses. I hope this can serve as conversation starters, 'cause I want to hear what the rest of you think of these questions, too. Am I bonkers? (You don't have to answer that directly.) Just tell me what you think and let the readers deduce for themselves. ;-) ]

First question:

  Q: How did you come up with the name Fia? :)

  A: I can't really say how I come up with any of my names. I try to keep them short, and easy; so sometimes I'll pick a letter and experiment with attaching syllables... see how it sounds. Other times a name will pop up out of the blue; and other times I'll get a great name, and realize later that it's a version or a twist of some other name from somewhere else.
  With Fia, I think it sort of came out whole, and in a longer version; that was a close imitation of a name from a rather famous work. At first I was going to have a shortened form, to flip from long to short in a sort of formal/informal manner.
  After a while, we decided to leave it short, instead.
 Sometimes simple is best.

  I love names! I can't help it.
 How do you like to come up with names? Are there certain tricks that work well for you?
 Share your tips!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heads Up: GiveAway by Sarah Scheele and Homeschool Authors blog

 Texan and author Sarah Scheele is being hosted on the Homeschool Authors blog, and giving away a copy of her Facets of Fantasy book, a collection of stories.

 I had the privilege of winning this very book in an earlier giveaway, and I think you'd enjoy it if you get the chance! She's done a really nice job with it... (right now it's sitting on my sister's bedside stand; I finished it and handed it over to her! ;-)  )

 Of course, there are lots of author giveaways that go on periodically at Homeschool Authors, so if you like free reads, subscribe and stay up to date!

 And it's always fun to check out the author interviews, and see what makes them tick! There's nothing like a peek inside a creative brain. It can get crazy in there!
 Have fun!