Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Destiny of One giveaway complete! And the Winner Is...

 Chris has been randomly selected by the Rafflecopter widget as the winner of the Destiny of One giveaway, generously extended to us by author Sarah Holmes.
Thanks Sarah!
 Congratulations Chris! (Let us know what you think when you've finished the read! Also, Sarah would love it if you'd take a few minutes to leave an (honest) review on Amazon, Goodreads, where ever you can!)
 Chris' email address will be sent to Sarah, and she'll be receiving her winner's copy shortly!

 And everybody else, thanks for entering! Especially thanks to those who entered by answering the question, I loved your responses! It's just so much fun to hear what you all think, and it gives me such a great perspective on the subject my own self.
(I'll probably be sharing some of the answers in upcoming posts.)

 And we'll see you next time!

And, I know I'm not posting very methodically; summer is crazy busy for us, and I figure for lots of you too. (Am I right? Or are you sitting around wishing for more stuff to read? If I'm mistaken, tell me!)

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Chris said...

What a nice surprise. Thanks Sarah! And thank you for a generous contest. I'll be very happy to post a review as soon as I finish reading your book. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy it for free.

As for your question, life here is always busy, but I love to read your blog whenever you post, and especially like to hear about your process for writing and sharing your life. Thanks for a great blog.