Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Q&A: How do you get your ideas?

 Okay, this has to be a question most creative types are used to being asked, but it seems like it's a perennially popular one in the bargain. In fact, it's a question I, myself  love to "listen in" on when it's being answered; so it will probably be around for a long time yet!

 Q:  How do you come up with your stories? Do they just pop into your head, or do you search for them?

 A:  For me, stories definitely pop into my head; sometimes they'll be sparked by another thought, sometimes not!
  Sometimes they won't leave me alone... for months. When that happens I usually give in; even if I have another project I'm in the middle of.
 I have lots of stories in various stages at any particular time, so I'm definitely a "messy writer" in that respect. ;-)

 What about you?


Kelsey Bryant said...

I, too, get enough story ideas popping in to see me without me having to go out and look for them! Sometimes the number of them is overwhelming, and other times I feel like, "What story could I possibly write next? None of these are enough for a whole story!" But I think I just have to get started on whichever one and it'll flesh itself out. I like it when I can combine two or more ideas into a fuller story.
I don't like having more than two stories going on at once, but if an idea is particularly exciting to me, I may write out the plot and maybe the first paragraph or so. That usually doesn't tide me over, though, so I'm always excited when it's time to start something new!

Anonymous said...

History and famous personalities are mostly what inspire me. I am also a very messy writer, though, and sometimes I get story ideas from totally random stuff-- like music, nature, buildings, clothes etc. Whenever I see an interesting cultural custom, like folk dance styles, or traditional costumes, I feel excited and like maybe I should use something like that in my story.
Really hope this comment came through! So far I've had so much trouble getting my thoughts in! :(

E. KaIser Writes said...

Aww, Anonymous! I'm so sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting your comments to register! I'm so glad that this one came through though! :-)
And yes, i love folk costumes and dance styles, lots of fertile ground for story material there! ;-)

And Kelsey, I can sypmathize with the "size-versus-requirement" problem. My biggest issue used to be that an idea was too big, (like MUCH Too Big!) for my skills, or confidence level. (Multi-book epics were just a little daunting to stare at! ;-) )
But, I as I have been stretching my abilities and growing as a writer over the years, I am now beginning to think about revisiting some of the best ones and maybe take them on in the future.

Thanks for joining the conversation you two! :-)


Hannah said...

So glad it came through!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D This is Hannah--- for some reason the only way I can get comments on here is as " Anonymous" Still working on mastering this! I love following your blog, but I can almost never manage to comment. Hopefully I am close to overcoming that difficulty. :D

E. KaIser Writes said...

Oh! Sorry to hear that it's giving you a bad time... Maybe just sign your comments so we know who is talking?
We don't care how it gets done so long as we get to have your input on the subject! ;-)