Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quitting? Maybe something you should consider.

 Well, it's January again.
   December, the supposedly restive "Month After NaNo", has faded too fast, and we're looking at the whole of 2014 stretching out like a road that will be traveled much too fast.

   It's always a good idea to take some thoughtful time in the middle of winter, when things have cooled between the craziness of autumn windup and the rush of spring bursting forward. In the brief lull between, thoughts turn to assessments and future strategies... something that is often on my mind, but not often so very clear as I'd like it.  *Wink*

  Kristen Lamb posted about a very apt idea for the coming year, Learn To Be A Quitter. Think about it: everybody always says "Winners never quit." But what nobody can do everything, and sometimes good enough is the enemy of perfect. And if something good is standing in the way of something better, than quitting the good thing is important. Right?
  I really appreciated what she had to say on the subject, and the way she said it. I'll have to think on that, and see if there are a few things to be quitted in my life.
 Are there things you should quit, but haven't?


Unknown said...

That was a great link. I think she made a good point.
I don't tend to make new resolutions for the New Year. It's enough to keep up trying with the old ones. Mostly all I do is figure out what the schedule will be each week for the coming year.
I particularly like the point she made about just finishing your story and not worrying about it being that great. After it's finished you can worry about it--or forget about it. It standing around as an unfinished document will just make you feel guilty and like you have to return to it even if it wasn't any good.
One thing I probably need to quit is worrying about my future. Sometimes it's best to just live in the present. :)

E. KaIser Writes said...

Very good point, Hannah! We could all do with some quitting in the future-worrying category, methinks! ;-) Have you heard the line that goes "Don't tell me worry never helps; 95% of the things I worry about don't happen!"
And if you can figure out a whole year's worth of weekly schedules... I'm super impressed! You've got one over on me! ;-)