Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monthly Writing Goals

Even though everybody talks about them all the time, daily goals have NEVER Worked for me, at all. After several years of doing NaNo, I finally got the epiphany to set a low-ish Monthly goal for all year around. 

  Now working in Scrivener, (NaNo goodie! I should have got it long ago!) this is easier to do, 'cause I put my different projects into “chapters” and work on whatever appeals at the moment. This way I can easily have an accumulative word count, and I’m progressing on something all the time.
 (I am going to have to write up a post on the experience of Scrivener, it's different but good!)

   Monthly goals work particularly best for me, because I am a “bursts” writer, so I can rack up the words one week, and then lie fallow the next. And I don't risk feeling depressed because "I'm not getting my writing done!"
 Instead I can remember that I already did it.
 YahoooO! Love that feeling.
I’ve set a trial goal of 20k per month, and have hit it well so far. In fact, I finished my 20k for Feb. by the 16th, which made me very happy! I’m definitely on a creative high at the moment. :-)
  So... if I am able to get in 20k per month, that is 20k x 12 =  240k words in a year! That is two major length books, or four shortish novels, or three medium ones.
    Yes! That would be progress!!! :-)

 What do you think? Would monthly goals make sense for you?



Kelsey Bryant said...

That's great to hear that you found something that works for you and that your writing is going well! I never thought about monthly goals ... I see how they help you, but I'd probably get lost in that frame of time. I'm a daily or at least weekly goal kind of person ... a very nit-picky, detail-oriented person. :) I would love to hear about your Scrivener experience!

Unknown said...

This Scrivener sounds intriguing!
I never think in terms of monthly goals, so it sounds natural to me that you wouldn't either. I'm more a day by day person.

Prairie Shepherdess said...

Thanks for your comment girls! I will post a report on Scrivener in a bit.
Thanks for stopping by!